How to Watch Boku No Hero in Chronological Order – Relax Type

How to watch the Boku no Hero Academia series in chronological order, including chapters, movies, and OVAs. As far as we understand, this is the best sequence to be able to watch the My Hero Academia series.

Season 1

The Black Adam scene was rated R, but it was censored. Whether it was the addition of Doctor Fate, Cyclone or Sabbac, it also brought the return of Henry Cavill as Superman. In the film, suitable for people over 13 years of age, we have seen action situations and fights between different individuals. Despite being a movie for children, it had a scene that should have been censored for its brutality. In it, among the servants, he lost his arm, which fell to the ground and had a restless tic. In a feature with Before and After, digital effects supervisor Greg Teegarden chatted about this.

Black Adam annihilates all these mercenaries. He holds one of these servants, holds his hands, sees three servants shooting at him, throws this servant at all three, hits one. and he realizes that his hand has been released and is still holding it. And then he grabs that hand and drops it like a microphone and falls to the ground Hero Academia the Movie 2: Heroes: Rising (2019)

  • My Hero Academia: World’s Heroes’ Mission (2021)
    • OVA 1: (Jump Festa) My Hero Academy: Save! Salvation Training! (2017)
    • OVA 2: My Hero Academia: Training of the Dead (2017)

    UA Beginning Saga

    Of the three series, this is the one that is a bit out of place compared to the manga. Instead of the Mission Villains Liberation Army arc happening all at once, it starts in episode one hundred and then doesn’t resurface until episode 108.

    what. The anime is now in that arc again with episode 113. After that, we have officially hit a wall where the manga is somewhat ahead. So beware of spoilers after this section.

    SEASON 4 (64-

    • 64. UA Class 1-A Scoop Filler
    • 65. “Overhaul”
    • 66 “Kid knows…”
    • 67. “Face to Face with Destiny”
    • 68. “Go Fearless Red Riot”
    • 69. “Bitter Talk”
    • 70. “Come on!”
    • 71. “The Three Huge Sunflower Eaters”
    • 72. “Red Riot”
    • 73. “Temporary Squad”
    • 74.lemillion
    • 75. Unseen Promise
    • 76. Infinite hundred%
    • 77. Bright Future
    • ) )

    • 78 “Burning Flames”
    • 79. “Capture the Brats’ Hearts”
    • 80. “Be proud, practitioners”
    • 81. “Fez Cultural Festival”
    • )

    • 82. “The most entertaining part of the festival is the preparation” (t ixagb_14)
    • 83. “Imperial Golden Tips”
    • 84. “Deku vs. Soft Criminal”
    • 85. “The Cultural Festival Begins!!”
    • 86. “Let go of me! Cultural festival! tixagb_14 tixag_14))
    • 89. “All to the point! Class 1-A»
    • 90. “Memories”
    • 91. «Shock! Class A vs. Class B»
    • 92. “You can, Shinso!”
    • 93. “Operation Improvisation with Novel Techniques”
    • 94. “Focus on the Future”
    • 95. “The Third War”
    • 96. “The Resolution of the Third Combat”
    • 97. “It is preferable to attack first!”
    • 98. “Heir”
    • 99. “Chaos Battle”
    • one hundred. “New Power and All for One”
    • 101. “Merry Christmas!”
    • 102. “To the Endeavor Agency!”
    • 103. “Dot for Dot”
    • 104. “How Long, Silkies”
    • 105. “Todoroki’s Hell House”
    • 106. «The Unforgivable
    • 107. “Much more of a hero than anyone else”
    • 108. “My Academy of Evil”
    • 109. “Adventist Festival”
    • 110 “Sad Parade of Men”
    • 111. “Tenko Shimura: Origin”
    • 112. “Tomura Shigaraki: Origin”
    • 113. “Sky, High and Overseas”
    • )