Illustration of My Hero Academia revives the design of Midnight in the spin off of the manga

The spin-off of My Hero Academia Illegals he dedicated himself to revisiting some characters in their younger days before being considered as the professional heroes. and this time we have a beautiful illustration of Midnight as a civilian on our doorstep… you know, before she hit the streets with her heroic appearance and received the nickname of the “hero for 18+”.

Compared, Nemuri Kayama (real name of “Midnight”) looks very different before becoming one of the consolidated heroines within the sleeve by Kohei Horikoshi: This time her outfit is much more casual as she wears a warm blouse and coat combination. What she remains of her to date are the pair of high boots that give her a dominatrix look (even during her heroine phase) and a pair of glasses to discreetly hide her identity.

The following is one of many sketches made by Betten Court, the illustrator of My Hero Academia: Illegals who dedicated himself to shaping the stories developed by Hideyuki Furuhashi. Though My Hero Academia Illegals officially finished writing this year, both mangaka stay active by sharing illustrations like the one below with our favorite pro-heroes from boku no hero.

Image: Jump Comics

On the other hand, Midnight and the rest of the professional heroes are close to having their return to the screens with the premiere of the season 6 of My Hero Academia, an arc where everyone is presumed to play a much more relevant role and beyond the classroom. After all, the premise of the sixth season is that there will be a full-scale war against the forces of evil that are now known as the “Army of Paranormal Liberation.”


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