Indonesian school becomes otaku for using uniforms similar to My Hero Academia

anime series My Hero Academia has gained quite a lot of popularity in recent years, so much so that they have inspired some other stories, costumes and even fan art specials about some of the characters, but recently something has caught the eye in an Indonesian school.

Through a publication on social networks, a promotional uniform used by students at the Trunojoyo Vocational Training School was revealed. and something that surprised the fans of My Hero Academiais that these costumes are similar to those worn by the students of the UA Academy.

The publication went viral, since the uniforms consist of dark pants, in the case of men and for women a skirt, but the upper part is a blue jacket, which has lines on the neck and on the sleeves, in addition to being accompanied by white shirts and red ties.

Source: Special

Without a doubt, the uniform is similar to the one in the anime, which is a gray jacket with green lines on the collar and sleeves, plus they must go with white shirts and red ties. Totally similar if you make a comparison between one and the other.

It could all be a coincidence or the uniform first existed in Indonesia and later moved to My Hero Academiabut in any case, every fan of the Kohei Horikoshi series would want to go to school with this type of clothing and feel like their favorite characters.

My Hero Academia is developing its next sixth season, which is scheduled to be released in the fall of this year, so we will see even more battles between the society of heroes and the League of Villains. Would you wear a uniform? My Hero Academia?


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