Is My Hero Academy preparing for a World War?

Will we have World War in Boku no Hero Academia? That is undoubtedly one of the big questions fans ask themselves after reading the last chapter of the manga. My Hero Academia.

If you haven’t kept up, the last arc of the manga has taken a break from Izuku Midoriya and his fellow AU to narrate one of the most important battles in the series (so far).

The hybrid of All For One and Tomura Shigaraki has awakened from the power augmentation treatment and is in a fierce battle with the America’s number 1 hero, Star and Stripe A battle that could have worldwide consequences!

Spoilers de Boku no Hero manga 332

Foto: Shueisha –Boku no Hero Academia manga 332

Star and Stripe, a woman who was inspired by the example of All Might, he has a power called “New Order”, a quirk that allows him to rewrite the rules of reality for whatever is touched: the divine power that AFO Shigaraki wants to have in his arsenal!

The resulting battle between Star and Stripe and AFO Shigaraki has been the most intense we’ve seen in Boku no Hero Academia so far. The powerful quirks at work are all that Dr. Garaki noticed with his Quirk Singularity prediction. But the climax of the battle may be the most dangerous of all.

Despite Star and Stripe and their team launching weapons and attacks that are not officially sanctioned by the US government, AFO Shigaraki manages to resist. Regrettably, My Hero Academia manga 332 hints at a dark ending for Star and Stripe, as Shigaraki manages to touch Star’s face.

The question is: What if AFO Shigaraki kills America’s No. 1 hero? It seems like an act that could cause a Total world war between heroes and villains.

A Japanese villain who kills the main American hero seems like a clear declaration of war between the two countries. Star and Stripe’s backstory revealed just how tightly the American government controls the powers of the New Order.

If that power falls into the hands of AFO Shigaraki, the United States would be obligated to do whatever it takes to prevent a villain from using that quirk to threaten the world. In its current destabilized state, Japan, as a country, could end up being labeled a villains’ dream home.

How many volumes does the My Hero Academia manga have?

At the time of writing this article in The Truth News, the My Hero Academia manga carries 32 volumes published. You can read the manga shonen creado por Kohei Horikoshi en MANGA Plus from Shueisha publishing house.

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