Is the author of Boku no Hero Academia in trouble? Are you worried about your recent performance?

Being a mangaka is very hard, that is something that there is no doubt about. In case anyone missed it, I’ll remember that Eiichiro Oda, the author of “one piecespoke recently about how in his routine it was it is normal to lie down 2-3 days in a row without eating. One more nonsense that is made ‘normal’ within the community of mangakas. For this reason, it is common today alarm bells go off easily, which is what has happened with Kouhei Horikoshi, author of “boku no hero academia.

The next chapter of Boku no Hero Academia will be VERY short… and it worries

Then I leave you with tweet from the hand of ShonenLeaks who has reported what will be the extension of chapter 361 from “Boku no Hero Academia”, an ostensibly short one:

Basically, what is said through the tweet is the following:

  • Boku no Hero Academia chapter 361, which can be read through Manga Plus this next day 31 from 17:00 in the afternoon, will have only 11 pages of content. ❗
  • Yes, Boku no Hero Academia is a weekly manga and as such the number of pages to read is less than that of a monthly manga. Even so, the figure is too small even by that standard. ❓
  • Kouhei Horikoshi has taken a few breaks recently, something that is logically appreciated, but even so more than one shows concern that their condition is still not adequate. ❓

“Boku no Hero Academia” is at a key point in its history, there is no doubt about that, and in any case I want to clarify that It has NOT been said in any way that Kouhei Horikoshi has health problems of any kind. It may be that this week’s extension is something exceptional in the last instance, but if it starts to happen in consecutive weeks, of course, certain things will have to start to be considered.

Synopsis of Boku no Hero Academia

We are in a world where superheroes (and supervillains) abound. The best humans are trained at the Hero Academy to optimize their powers. Among the normal minority, without any power, Izuku Midoriya appears, willing to be an exception and train at the Academy to become a legend.

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