It does not reach 5 hours and it is charming: this is the fun anime with a lot of rhythm that has eaten ‘Chainsaw Man’ and ‘Boku no Hero Academia’ this season

This fall was loaded with highly anticipated releases, especially with several great animes that launched new seasons and some novelties that had already taken the manga by storm and we really wanted to see it in animated format.

Well, come in capital titles What ‘Boku no Hero Academia‘, ‘Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War‘ either ‘Chainsaw Man‘, the series that has taken the cat into the water in terms of popularity during the autumn has been ‘Bocchi the Rock!’, a slice of life about teenagers who start their own rock band.

tuning the guitar

Our protagonist is Hitori Gotō, who is extremely introverted and has never had any friends. One day she starts playing the guitar with the dream of forming her own band and thus making a group of friends, and although she is relatively famous on the internet she has never decided to take the big step beyond the bedroom. her.

Things change when he meets Nijika Ijichi, a girl her age who plays the drums and is looking for a guitarist for her group. At first Hitori isn’t too keen on the job, but between Nijika and the bassist Ryo Yamada they manage to convince her to act with them.

‘Bocchi the Rock!’ does not pose great news on the frontstarting from a base that we already have a bit hackneyed about a protagonist who is not very good at socializing (hello Komi-san). But still, it’s a fun and light anime that manages to take the comedy punches to the extreme, and even stretching as much as possible the most pathetic moments.

The series has a very normal start, introducing us to its characters and with a very cute tone. That although it is maintained throughout the season, it also shows us little by little how Hitori is not the only one with neuras in the group and she manages to give us a fairly faithful portrait of the more goblin and realistic side of what it is to be a teenager.

Bocchi The Rock Img4

Not only that, but indeed the comedy blows are very well measured, and are even exaggerated even more by completely changing the drawing style, with some scenes done in stop-motion animation or with live action elements.

yes it’s true that visual style is not for everyoneand frankly thank goodness that the characters have different colors and hairstyles because we fall too much in that all the characters have the same face and look like they are fourteen years old, even the adults. But once you get past this barrier and slip into the story, the style marries very well with the light tone of all anime.

All this hodgepodge of styles gives a very personal character to ‘Bocchi the Rock!‘, which although it doesn’t have a stellar animation to get excited about, is very successful and shines a lot more during musical performances.

If you like music, and especially japanese rockthe series is full of references to groups and styles, and The love for the genre is very noticeable through how the characters express themselves and move, and of course through how they create their own songs. Throughout the series we have several great songs, and more than one end up getting into your head for hours.

Thanks to all this, ‘Bocchi the Rock!’ It has been at the top of the list of most popular series in the polls for many weeks, ahead of even the great action anime of the season. In fact on the Japanese web Anime! Anime! directly has been voted as the best anime of the fall season surpassing ‘Chainsaw Man’ or ‘Blue Lock’‘, especially after its last chapter.

Bocchi The Rock Img2

And honestly, it’s not surprising. It is not the best animated series that has been released in 2022, but it has a light, charming and hopeful tone, with lots of humor that puts you in a good mood when you need it most.

For now the series consists of 12 episodes and can be seen in full via Crunchyroll. the sleeve of Aki Hamaji It consists of 5 volumes and is still in publication, although the anime has almost, almost reached the original material, so we may have to wait a little longer until CloverWorks decide to continue with new chapters.