Izuku Midoriya and Uraraka Ochako could be a couple in My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime and manga series of the moment, and it is that it presents us with various unique characters that play the role of heroes and villains within their universe, so many of these have truly unique powers. , but fans have been more trapped with their relationship with others throughout history, taking the UA students as the center of attention

Something that seems quite striking to us is that, since the students of Class 1-A joined the UA Academy, they have created a great bond that unites them through friendship, but that in some cases could also reach a next level, And yes, we talk about love relationships. On several occasions there are certain characters who have had a connection with each other, and who will probably become a couple in the future.

As it happens with many popular animes, it is possible that after this story ends, another one begins with a new generation where we see the children of the first Heroes of My Hero Academia, so today we will see a couple that can be formed in the journey of this story, Izuku Midoriya and Uraraka Ochako.

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From the first moment that Midoriya and Uraraka met, they have shown that they have feelings for each other. The two of them get very nervous when they are together and always protect each other, in fact, their personalities fit very well because they are shy, good-natured and polite, and they would even make a good combat partner due to Midoriya’s Quirk being offensive. , while Uraraka’s defensive.

A growing relationship

Izuku and Ochaco are very good friends and classmates. They met when Izuku accidentally almost slipped at the UA Academy entrance and Ochaco uses his Quirk on him to keep him from falling. Izuku speechless, he can’t properly thank Ochaco and she doesn’t seem to care much and follows her lead.

Their friendship started later in the entrance exams, Izuku saves Ochaco from a zero point robot and Ochaco realizing that Izuku saved her from the robot’s attack asked to give Izuku some points for his bravery and since then, they have interacted regularly, becoming friends.

Already upon entering the Academy they realize that they are in the same class and Izuku and Ochaco introduce themselves, Ochaco tells him that the nickname “Deku” is great and that he shouldn’t be ashamed of it, because “Deku” can be used as an expression of encouragement, “Ganbaru deku” (“I can do it”) and because of the similarity with the word “dekiru” (“to be able to”).

Izuku easily gets embarrassed and blushes when talking to Ochaco or when she gets too close to him, because he himself states that he is not very talented at talking to girls. Despite that, Ochaco respects Izuku to the point that she usually tries to be like him (by sharing his own creativity and determination), and having faith in his judgment and decisions.

Over time they become closer and closer than even Izuku and Tenya are the only two students Ochaco felt comfortable sharing her reasons for wanting to become a Hero with and Izuku was willing to share a strategy with her to defeat Katsuki from his notebook. data and was saddened when she lost her battle against Katsuki and knew that she was even sadder.