Jessica transforms into Nejire Hado from My Hero Academia

nothing better than a good animeespecially if it merges with the art of cosplay, resulting in some of its great characters coming to life in the streets, which is why today we have to take a break and enjoy a good cosplay.

In this one-click section, we tell you endless stories that will take you on a brief journey and fill your screen with great versions cosplay of all styles, especially because this time we bring you a charming character from the anime My Hero Academia.

She is Jessica, a beautiful model and cosplayer, who in addition to having a curious cultural ancestry, has a twin and coincidentally both are talented cosplayers. Jessica, we also know her as Twin # 1, and you can find her on her official Instagram as @jessicatalystic, where she has more than 186 thousand followers, along with a wide gallery where anime and video games are the main protagonists. .

We know that there are tastes for everything, but who can say no to a beautiful girl who makes an effort to get some of our favorite anime characters off the screen, that is why we take our work very seriously and bring to you to this beautiful cosplayer, a big fan of anime.

Hado Nejireone of the most beloved heroines in hero society, she who is the protagonist, teacher and member of the Big Three in the manga and anime My Hero Academia.

A charming girl, with long light blue hair, blue eyes, and a one-piece suit that covers her entire body in shades of purple, blue, and aqua green, along with yellow gloves, and an adorable face that we couldn’t put down. to look at her

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