Kaezuko takes Mt Lady off the screen with colossal My Hero Academia cosplay

There is no better tribute to anime than a good cosplayand more so if it is an artist who takes care of every detail of her characters, and in the case of animes like My Hero Academiathere are plenty of examples, since the popular story of heroes and villains has given us a wide repertoire of characters to choose from, who have given us some of the most epic moments in each of its episodes, as well as inside and outside of its sleeve.

In this story, the heroes who are in charge of keeping everything in order within their district, but there is a vain girl who likes to attract attention, and that is why she has been placed as one of the favorites among all, try to Mount Lady.

She is Kaezukoa beautiful American cosplayer, fan of anime and cosplaywho gives us some great versions of our favorite characters, because the girl takes her projects to another level, leaving as a result beautiful photo sessions where she lets us enjoy her talent, you can find her on her official Instagram as @kaezuko.cos, where she tells with more than 103 thousand followers.

On this occasion, she gives us her best cosplay version of the fabulous Yu Takeyamabetter known as Mt Ladya girl with a flashy personality and powerful quirk, who really enjoys becoming a hero very much, and who is not afraid to use her attractiveness to gain more popularity, continually seeking to be the center of attention.

Kaezuko sports the heroine’s distinctive long blonde wavy hair while wearing the one-piece suit that covers her entire body in white and purple, as well as various details in yellow, red and orange, with heavy makeup. , a mask and horns in a dark purple tone, which makes her look spectacular.

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