Kohei Horikoshi, Author of My Hero Academia, Shares an Illustration from Komi Can’t Communicate | Spaghetti Code

Some authors of manga They have proven to be fans of characters created by other authors and sometimes they show it by making their own versions of them in their style, as a kind of tribute and even showing respect to the mangaka, sin embargo, Kohei Horikoshi, autor de My Hero Academia, showed that it is what he likes.

Through his Twitter account, Horikoshi was no exception and without a doubt made it clear that eYou are enjoying the animated manga adaptation of Komi Can’t Communicate by the author Tomohito Oda, so she decided to make an illustration of Komi-san as if she were a UA student

It should be noted that previously the author of My Hero Academia He had already talked about how much he is enjoying this new series and it seems that he has loved it, since she decided to make this cute drawing of Komi-san, which makes us wonder what kind of gift this character would have if she were a young heroine, under the message “This is Komi-san’s fan-art. I’m watching the anime “.

Komi Can’t Communicate It is currently on broadcast in Japan since last October 6, which can even be seen through the platform of Netflix, however, lThe episodes are released two weeks after they are broadcast in the Japanese country.

The anime series tells us Shouko Komi’s first day at Itan private institute, who with his long hair and tall appearance, manages to capture the attention of anyone, however, there is a problem, she is terrible communicating with other people.

It is at that moment that he meets Hitohito and decides to help her to be able to talk with others, as well as to be able to make friends and to overcome her communication disorder.


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