Kohei Horikoshi (My Hero Academia) is taking a hiatus due to health concerns

Events follow in My Hero Academia. The villains are slowly but surely getting the better of the heroes. They don’t even have time to think about an effective counter-attack. And it seems that is also the case for Kohei Horikoshi. The mangaka of the work had to take a break as he is overworked by his work.

Credits: Bones

When a break is needed

While we are in the middle of the arc opposing the heroes to the villains, a news comes to put a stop to the events of My Hero Academia. Shueisha and the Horikoshi team have announced that My Hero Academia is going on hiatus. Horikoshi is so busy developing his story that he had to take a break to save his health. Even though this comes at a crucial time in the story, it’s important for Horikoshi to take advantage of the Christmas holidays to rest. And that, his fans understand only too well.

“To all our readers, thank you for your support. Our author is sick. It happened too recently to modify the last table of contents. My Hero Academia will continue…on December 26,” Shueisha’s review informs.

SPOILER ALERT: elements of chapter 375 of the manga are present in the rest of the article!!

The year 2023 of My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia will continue its momentum in 2023. The first chapter of the year will be available on January 2. By then we will have more details on Toga’s involvement in the war. The villain who only seeks revenge for Twice, drank his blood and activated his Quirk of the sad man’s parade. His strategy undermines that of the heroes who had bet everything on a separation of the villains on different sets. Only one person is able to thwart Toga’s action: Ochaco. How does she plan to go about it? We will certainly find out in the next chapters.