Lady Nagant’s cosplay from a true fan of My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is advancing little by little towards his incredible final battle. Well, little by little is a somewhat relative term, because perhaps the ideal would be to say that it is taking giant steps to try to close its history once and for all, as if one had to follow the circle of Attack the titans (which we don’t understand either, because in the end the fictions have nothing to do with each other). In any case, in the past We are talking about Lady Nagant with an impressive cosplay, but the one we bring you today is more remarkable for the set design work that has been done. In addition to nailing the clothing in a certain way, of course.

The artist of this cosplay in question is the Instagram user, expert in this particular art topic. The suit perfectly recreates this assassin with long-distance rifles but, best of all, it is one reason or another that reminds us a lot of Cyberpunk 2077 and its outstanding level in which we control Keanu Reeves and we walk through the roofs of a building with the intention of cleaning it of enemies.

Lady Nagant, a brutal assassin

“Guys… I can’t explain how much My Hero means to me as an anime and manga. It’s given me a lot of hope. I know a lot of you haven’t read the manga yet, so I won’t spoil it too much, but this is a new character Lady Nagant who I fell in love with immediately I saw in her family traits and a lot of myself in her character which honestly is probably my favorite canon I’ve ever lived with I’m so grateful to the creator for giving another strong feminine presence.

Lady Nagant es one of the most important manga characters from My Hero Academia, because it breaks a bit with the role of classic powers and mixes them with artillery and firearms, which causes their appearances to be sprinkled with some very interesting action set pieces. Remember that the anime is now focusing on the battle of All Might contra All For One and his attached monsters.