Lorna Prior in an excellent cosplay of Lady Nagant from My Hero Academia

All the fans of My Hero Academia have marveled at each of the chapters of the beloved anime, and it is that, it has unique characters and battles that deserve to be seen more than once, that popularity is reflected in its community and cosplayers of everyone wanted to show their affection by featuring some of their favorite characters.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that, this idea does not have to be tied to the protagonists of the anime, but some other characters also make an appearance, especially due to the fact that we can see an amazing cosplayer like this one dedicated to Lady Nagant from the hand of the model Lorna Prior, better known as lorna_toon.

My Hero Academia is once again the theme of the cosplay proposed this day, but the character in question is not the most widespread among the reinterpretations of the fans, being perhaps still not as famous as the others, although we may see more of this character in the future.

The character of Lady Nagant emerges as one of the most interesting of the narrative arc after the confrontation with the Paranormal Liberation Front, also due to her stormy past that makes her quite profound as a villain.

Lady Nagant, also known as Kaina Tsutsumi, was a promising fighter in the ranks of heroes, until the Public Safety Commission hired her to do their dirtiest undercover jobs as a marksman to ensure the safety of hero society.

Driven to exhaustion by such a dark job, she decides to kill the president of the Commission and imprison him in Tartarus. It is precisely in this situation that the lorna_toon cosplay is staged, which perfectly reproduces a Lady Nagant in the uniform of a prisoner of Tartarus, the super prison built specifically to contain individuals with superpowers.