Mangas, video games… The figurines, it’s as if “the characters jumped from the work”

COLLECTION – These resin or plastic statuettes are hugely successful

“Do you have Goku left? And Bulma, do you have? In geek fairs, sellers of figurines are taken by storm. A host of visitors, unconditional dragonball, Pokemon Where Harry Potter, leave these conventions with their arms full of statuettes, sometimes larger than life. These high-end figurines, “it’s a bit of a way to have your favorite characters at home, as if they were jumping from the work”, explains Thaïs, a fan of Me, when I reincarnated as Slime. “It adds a little extra, in our libraries. Instead of only having manga, there are also figurines. In addition, some have details that we do not necessarily notice in the works. »

“It’s art, for me, says Enora, passionate about One Piece and My Hero Academia. It’s as if I owned a work. Latil, crazy about Fairy Tail, has “even friends who have made hotels for their figurines! he smiles. But there is no question of playing with these plastic or resin heroes. ” No, no and no ! “, warns Logan, a young man who fell for a” huge figurine of Mewtwo “, one of the Pokemon the most popular. “It’s only decoration! » Gone are the days when children carried around Power Rangers Where Ninja Turtles without really taking care of them, to make them fight(…) Read more at 20 minutes

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