Maria Fernanda becomes Himiko Toga with her My Hero Academia cosplay

The cosplayhas already become a lifestyle, and just as there are more and more girls and boys who dare to show us a little more creativity and their own style to get from the screen or from the pages of a comic, some of our Favorite characters; Well, whether it’s anime, video gamecomics, movies or series, every day we can find a greater number of exponents of this great art.

And it is that, as we have already mentioned on some other occasions, anime and video gamethey have a huge number of followers, that is why there are also many who manage to represent any of our beloved characters in an interesting way. fiction and fantasy.

As we know, in this incredible world where the fantasies and dreams of many can come true, there are some representatives who usually stand out for doing a good job, whether it is their charisma in front of the camera, the material or good execution of their costumes or makeup, or simply because they manage to win over their followers, they stand out from the rest.

It is just the case of the beautiful girl that we will talk about this time, since this cosplayerof Brazilian origin, called Maria Fernanda and better known by many on social media as fegalvaoa popular girl who can currently be found on Instagram as @fegalvao_where it already has more than 2.3 million followersAnd the number is always increasing.

This girl already has a wide repertoire of great cosplay models, where she has introduced us to many characters, but there is one where she has really stolen all eyes, it is her version of Himiko Togathe villain of the anime My Hero Academia.

In the photos that the girl shares with us, we can observe Maria Fernanda looking amazing in 3 different beautiful outfits from Toga, in different full body photos. The first, where she looks in a schoolgirl uniform, and the second with a swimsuit and a shirt on top, in addition to the last one only a great swimsuit, where the girl looks simply divine, using blonde hair and hairstyles that characterize the bloody girl from the anime.

It is more than clear that his popularity is increasing every day, since he has gained a large number of fans through his social networks, and we can very well understand why. We hope that this cosplay has been to your liking, so please continue on eGamesNews.