MHA: 5 Class 1-A Oddities That Are Unique (& 5 That Are Pretty Boring)

Be a young hero in the world of My Hero Academia is not easy. It is particularly difficult for Class 1-A students, who are constantly attacked by villains. Despite being in their first year at the UA, they end up having to participate in the Paranormal Liberation War.

Fortunately, they are up to the challenge and fend off the terrifying villains. But not all men are the same, and the same is true of Quirks. Some of the students in Class 1-A have exceptionally powerful abilities, but others are rather boring. Some students are simply left with unconvincing Quirks.

10 UNIQUE: Izuku Midoriya’s “One For All” Gives Him A Huge Arsenal Of Skills

The protagonist of the story, Izuku Midoriya, has one of the strangest Quirks of all. At first, One for All seems straightforward. Like the iconic hero All Might, it manifests itself as a simple and overwhelming upgrade of strength. Despite initially having trouble with the Quirk, Izuku is capable of taking things much further than his mentor.

Through One for All, you get access to all the Quirks of previous users. Notable skills include Float, Black Whip, and Sense of Danger. Izuku’s massive arsenal makes him a powerhouse and the only one who can stand up to the power of the unleashed Tomura Shigaraki.

9 BORING: Rikido Sato’s Sugar Rush is a Simple Strength Boostermha 5 rarezas de la clase 1 a que son unicas y 5 que son bastante aburridas 1

All Might’s strength enhancement might seem simple, but his enormous power made him stand out, as he was even capable of changing time with a single hit. The same cannot be said for Rikido Sato’s Sugar Rush.

Rikido’s Quirk increases his strength by consuming sugar, with every ten grams of sugar he ingests, he adds three minutes to his physical enhancement. Unfortunately, this comes at a cost, as the use of the Quirk lowers their intelligence. Rikido’s abilities are nothing to write home about, and his punches pale in comparison to the talents of his teammates.

8 UNIQUE: Shoto Todoroki’s dual nature of medium cold medium hot elevates itmha 5 rarezas de la clase 1 a que son unicas y 5 que son bastante aburridas 2

Elemental superpowers are a staple of all comics, with pyrokinesis and cryokinesis being quite popular. But putting the two opposing abilities together is somewhat unusual, and that’s exactly what Shoto Todoroki’s Half-Cold, Half-Hot does. Shoto starts out being a marvel at handling his ice, but as the anime progresses, he begins to overcome his misgivings with his fiery side with the help of his friends.

The dual nature of Shoto’s Quirk elevates him above normal elemental abilities, allowing Shoto to use complicated attacks that require mastery of both ice and fire. Hopefully the young hero will find a hero name as interesting as his Quirk.

7 BORING: Hanta Sero can’t get rid of his tape’s simplicitymha 5 rarezas de la clase 1 a que son unicas y 5 que son bastante aburridas 3

One of the most memorable moments of My Hero Academia shows Shoto Todoroki facing Hanta Sero at the United States Sports Festival, and losing badly. At this point, host Mic comments on Hanta’s unfortunate “simplicity.” Mic’s comment may have been unkind, but he’s not exactly wrong. Hanta’s Quirk Tape allows you to shoot tape from the elbows. It’s a skill that’s great for trapping and mobility, but it’s not exactly the most exciting thing in the world.

6 UNIQUE: Mezo Shoji’s Dupli Arm Has Many Advantagesmha 5 rarezas de la clase 1 a que son unicas y 5 que son bastante aburridas 4

In the hero society of la MHAIt is not uncommon for mutant Quirks to be discriminated against, especially when a mutation is intimidating. Mezo Shoji is one of those cases, although its power has many advantages. Dupli-Arms grants the user an extra set of tentacle-shaped arms that they can transform into other parts of the body. It is an exceptional Quirk, especially since the new parts of the body are more effective than the normal ones.

The ears that Mezo can manifest through his Quirk give him enhanced hearing, making him especially well suited for exploration. He is also capable of sheltering his allies, as demonstrated in the Cavalry Battle of the United States Sports Tournament. In terms of sheer physical strength, he ranks highly among the students in Class 1-A. Tentacole, with a versatile and unique presence, will undoubtedly become a great hero, as long as he knows how to harness his full potential and does not let himself be put down by those who unfairly criticize his appearance.

5 BORING: Mashirao Ojiro’s tail does nothing more than grant its user an extra appendagemha 5 rarezas de la clase 1 a que son unicas y 5 que son bastante aburridas 5

Mashirao Ojiro’s Quirk, Cola, is perhaps the simplest ability of Class 1-A. Grants him a tail that he can use as a third limb. He has learned to incorporate this appendix into his martial arts training, making him an effective melee fighter. But that doesn’t mean your Quirk is any less boring, or that you can stand out in any way.

4 UNIQUE: Fumikage Tokoyami’s dark shadow is an incredibly sensitive quirkmha 5 rarezas de la clase 1 a que son unicas y 5 que son bastante aburridas 6

One of the more unusual Quirks in the series, Fumikage Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow is an ability with so much potential that it attracts the attention of Pro Hero Hawks. Her sheer nature makes her special, as Dark Shadow is a sentient Quirk, practically having a mind of her own. The Quirk becomes more powerful the darker it is, but it also becomes more difficult to control. In these cases, Fumikage has come to feel overwhelmed by him, especially in moments of great emotion, such as the Vanguard Action Squad’s attack on the heroes’ training ground.

The Quirk’s main weakness – beyond its occasional tendency to run amok – is light. However, the Fumikage is making great strides and tackling these issues. He is discovering new ways to protect Dark Shadow from light and, with the help of the Hawks, has even managed to devise the Black Fallen Angel Supermove, which allows him to fly. Dark Shadow is a truly amazing Quirk, and fans are looking forward to seeing more of Tsukuyomi.

3 BORING: Denki Kaminari’s Electrification Is Powerful, But Not That Interestingmha 5 rarezas de la clase 1 a que son unicas y 5 que son bastante aburridas 7

Not all powerful Quirks are necessarily interesting. The perfect example is Denki Kaminari’s Electrification. This Quirk allows its user to emit electricity, a power that can be highly volatile and shock their own allies if they are not careful. If you overdo it, Denki will also short-circuit his brain and go “stupid” for an hour.

Despite the downsides, it’s a strong Quirk and definitely eye-catching enough to attract the attention of Pro Heroes. Still, it’s pretty straightforward and there’s nothing groundbreaking about it. To his credit, Denki discovers new ways to use it, but there are much more exciting Quirks in Class 1-A.

2 UNIQUE: Momo Yaoyorozu’s creation stands out as one of the most unusual raritiesmha 5 rarezas de la clase 1 a que son unicas y 5 que son bastante aburridas 8

The concept of being able to create anything can be divine, but Momo Yaoyorozu brings it firmly to reality. The vice president of class 1-A is capable of creating anything non-living from its lipids as long as she knows its atomic structure.

It’s always exciting to watch Momo fight as viewers never know what kind of strategy he has prepared or what he will create next. Although Momo is not the strongest student, Creation is easily one of the most interesting Quirks in the series.

1 BORING: Toru Hagakure’s invisibility only makes its user invisiblemha 5 rarezas de la clase 1 a que son unicas y 5 que son bastante aburridas 9

It is fortunate that Toru Hagakure has a cheerful and friendly personality. Otherwise, it would go completely unnoticed. His Quirk Invisibility appears to involve some kind of light manipulation and renders his body completely invisible.

Although Toru has been able to utilize him through some unexpected and creative Super Moves, he cannot be compared to other students in Class 1-A, with far more remarkable abilities. Good thing he is dedicated to stealth, because otherwise he could not shine.