MHA: Hawks and 9 other winged anime heroes with the power to fly

There is a certain level of freedom that is allowed in anime, where some rules just don’t apply, be it the standard look of the characters, the rules of their world, or the powers they possess. Many anime have fun subverting the standard expectations surrounding superpowers, and some skill sets are more common than others.

One of the most common abilities featured in anime series is the ability to defy gravity and soar through the skies, either through some form of energy manipulation or with ancient wings. It’s always appreciated that some of the good guys can offer a literal bird’s eye view of your adventure.

10 Hawks Make Sure Every Feather Counts When Flying High In My Hero Academia

Hawks is a valued hero who works alongside Endeavor, from My Hero Academy , and although he enters later in the series, he has already become one of the most popular characters among the public. Hawks becomes a prestigious hero at a young age, but he doesn’t let this fame go to his head. His Quirk allows him to fly in a very conventional sense, but he can also use each of his feathers to spy on others and function as extensions of the Hawks’ body. Flying is a huge asset to the Hawks, but it is by no means their most valuable skill.

9 The king of the fairies from The Seven Deadly Sins uses flight and many other powers to fight evilmha hawks y otros 9 heroes alados del anime con el poder de volar 1

The seven capital sins is an anime that takes place in a world in which magic reigns and in which there are a wide variety of magicians and specially gifted individuals. King, also known as Harlequin, plays the esteemed role of the Fairy King, which means that flight comes naturally to the character. King can perform things like telekinesis and petrification, so flight comes naturally to him and not something he has to brag about. That said, King has both a fairy form and a human form, which adds some mysticism to him and sometimes hides his fairy roots.

8 Angemon brings a sacred reverence to the Digimon worldmha hawks y otros 9 heroes alados del anime con el poder de volar 2

The Serie Digimon It has come a long way since its inception, and some curious risks have been taken that have transformed the series in interesting ways, some of which have been more successful than others. The original series of Digimon Adventure It is still considered one of the strongest materials, and several of DigiDestined’s companions are Digimon with wings that can fly.

They’re all charming in their own way, but it’s the progressive form of TK’s Digimon, Angemon, that makes the biggest impression. Angemon’s wings are one of the highlights of the holy Digimon.

7 Conis shows Luffy and his team that the sky is the limit in One Piecemha hawks y otros 9 heroes alados del anime con el poder de volar 3

With almost 1,000 episodes, One Piece has covered a lot of ground, and Luffy and the crew of the Straw Hat Pirates have encountered dozens of memorable allies throughout their travels. Conis is a resident of Skypiea and, like most citizens of the territory, is gifted with winged flight and even has a cloud fox as a pet. Conis is a useful ally to Luffy and company, providing them with a natural advantage that they lack in battle and during exploration. Also, Conis is as skilled with weapons as he is with wings.

6 Carla from Fairy Tail spreads her wings when magic bloomsmha hawks y otros 9 heroes alados del anime con el poder de volar 4

There are many different types of magic users in Fairy Tail, and Happy is one of the strangest members to enter Natsu’s orbit. Happy stands out, but in a way, his similar Carla is even more significant. Carla has an adorable and understated appearance reminiscent of a cat. However, every time she uses magic, angelic wings come out that can carry her from one place to another. Carla’s true abilities come down to her magic, but there are many times when her ability to fly plays a crucial role in the group’s success.

5 Yue, from Cardcaptor Sakura, is an angelic guide in search of a clown mastermha hawks y otros 9 heroes alados del anime con el poder de volar 5

Cardcaptor Sakura focuses on Sakura’s growth and dominance over the Clow Cards, but the path she is on is orchestrated by Yue, one of the Clow Card Keepers. Yue plays the role of judge who puts the next Clow Master candidate to the test, and acts in tandem with Kero.

Yue’s first appearances take place in her unconscious human form, Yukito Tsukishiro, but when her true nature comes to light, she becomes much more powerful and assumes an angelic form with a litany of moon-based powers. Flight is just one of Yue’s many latent abilities.

4 Tohru from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid likes to show her wings on special occasionsmha hawks y otros 9 heroes alados del anime con el poder de volar 6

There is a growing tradition of anime series that take fantastical creatures, remove them from their venerable positions, and chain them up as dysfunctional roommates on Earth. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid applies this approach to a series of legendary dragons, with Tohru being the protagonist. Tohru is an interesting example of someone with wings who flies, as she has a straightforward dragon form, but mostly pretends to be human. Tohru lets her horns stick out, but her tail and wings are just occasional traits she likes to show off. However, flying comes naturally to her.

3 Overlord’s Albedo has wings that are both functional and modernmha hawks y otros 9 heroes alados del anime con el poder de volar 7

Many anime series deconstruct the world of video games, specifically MMORPGs, but Overlord is one of the most inspired and successful examples of this. The anime has a lot of fun with the inherent hierarchy that exists between video game characters, and Albedo perfectly reflects this as overseer to the many guardians of the floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Albedo commands a lot of respect, but her unbridled obsession with Ainz reflects a more codependent version of the character. Albedo is an image of elegance, but her black angel wings are one of her most striking features.

2 Puck in Berserk proves size isn’t everythingmha hawks y otros 9 heroes alados del anime con el poder de volar 8

Berserk It is one of the best dark fantasy series. It stands out for reflecting Guts, a stoic hero who wields a powerful weapon as he travels through a fantasy land full of dangerous demons. Guts is a loner, but he develops a small circle of friends, the first of whom is the little elf Puck. Puck is basically the polar opposite of Guts, helping to fill the role of comic relief in contrast to Guts’ brusque demeanor. Puck is not the type to help out in battle, but he can help out in unconventional ways at times.

1 Charizard often uses flight to dominate the battlefield in Pokémonmha hawks y otros 9 heroes alados del anime con el poder de volar 9

Right now there are nearly 1,000 unique Pokémon skins, and there are so many that have wings and soar through the skies that flying-type Pokémon have their own category. Additionally, Ash has several flying Pokémon that have helped him throughout his many adventures, but Charizard is undoubtedly one of the most notable examples. Charizard is one of Ash’s first Pokémon, and it becomes an example of discipline for the trainer. Charizard is best known for his fire abilities, but the fact that he can fly is a crucial advantage for Ash in battle.