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With the manga of My Hero Academia In what appears to be its last chapters, the situation surrounding our heroes is getting worse and worse. Not only are the protagonists on the defensive, but during the last episodes we have witnessed an arduous confrontation between Shigaraki and All for One, against Star and Stripe, America’s number one heroine. Sadly, the end of chapter 332 does not have good news.

BEWARE, My Hero Academia manga spoilers below.

After several chapters of pure action, it seemed that Star and Stripe and his team of soldiers were finally about to defeat Shigaraki, this thanks to the Tiamat missiles, which have enough power to eliminate the villain’s regeneration ability. However, AFO had a plan to evade its destruction.

Although the missile damage ended up causing terrible damage to Shigaraki, his regeneration ability kicked in, and he saved the villain. While Star and Stripe had the opportunity to put an end to this enemy with the correct use of his Quirk, New Order, this meant killing one of his companions.

In a moment of hesitation, Star and Stripe let Shigaraki get close enough to steal her quirk. Right at this moment the chapter ended. However, all is not lost. Various episodes of the manga My Hero Academia have ended in a very similar way, only to present us with a miracle moments later. Similarly, the heroine may have a plan in mind to prevent the villain from gaining her ability.

As always, new chapters of the My Hero Academia manga premiere every weekend, and you can read them in Spanish and for free on Manga Plus. Speaking of anime, you can check the release date for Stone Ocean and Netflix here. Similarly, These are the anime premieres that this streaming platform will have.


Editor’s Note:

As much as i like it My Hero Academia, It seems that the author is just extending the story to the fullest extent. The introduction of Star and Stripe doesn’t feel necessary, as it takes a load off Midoriya’s journey. We can only wait and see if this deviation has a great weight in the narrative.

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