MHA: New Sketch Shows The Big Three At Their Graduation

Recently, my hero academiahas placed us in the middle of the final war between heroes and villains with its last chapters, and now, a new special sketch has given UA Academy and the Big Three the graduation they deserved so much, and that is, the final act of the Serie sleeve has continued at such a fast pace that it’s gone from one fight to another, and while in reality, it’s only been a year since Izuku Midoriya and the other young heroes enrolled in the school, and that means a lot of things regular schoolchildren have been swept under the rug during this massive crisis.

You see, during this massive fight between the heroes and the villains, the series has been doing other developments outside of the panels that moved each of the characters forward, so one of which was that each of the third years officially graduated from school and became pro heroes in their own right, but this too was something that sadly had to happen quickly.

And now, some new special art from the creator of the series Kohei Horikoshishows the Big Three: Mirio Togata, Nejire Hado Y Tamaki Amajikiduring their graduation, as a special moment that should be remembered for the place they now deserve in the society they protect.

Without neglecting that there are likely to be other regular school events that will no longer be seen in the sleeveso because things have progressed at such a rapid pace for Izuku and the others, there won’t be much time to show all the smaller moments of each of the other heroes that could be seen in the first era of the series, but now it remains to be seen how it all ends in the future.

Let’s remember that Izuku and the others still have quite a bit of school left, even after this final war against the villains comes to an end, but it’s really hard to imagine what kind of future the series could have after such a chaotic war is taking place. developing now, getting ready for his big finale after this final fight, and we think there’s a lot that could be accomplished with a time jump that showed more moments like this about the boys.