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The latest chapter of the manga My Hero Academia has revealed new information about Midoriya to us. Over the past few weeks, we have seen how this hero has prepared for his final fight against Shigaraki and All for One. However, the details that were revealed have nothing to do with the events on the battlefield, but with Deku’s view of dating.

After being intercepted by Himiko Toga, this villain confesses her love to Deku, and asks him to be her boyfriend. However, this is not a love situation, but something disturbing. Hearing this proclamation, our hero returns to his shy demeanor, and has revealed his favorite quote:

“Boyfriend? Like a guy you take to the amusement park for a date? Who do you hold hands with? Who do you share a crepe with?

Toga confessed how she fell in love with Deku, and shared her vision for life with the hero. However, this philosophy conflicts with the laws of this world, so Midoriya sets out to stop her, something that broke the assassin’s heart. Fortunately, Froppy saves the day, giving the heir of One for All a chance to return to his battlefield.

Now we just have to wait a week to find out how Deku will make it to the fight against Shigaraki., and what will happen to Toga’s heart. On related topics, here You can watch the trailer for the second season of Komi Can’t Communicate. Similarly, There is already an official synopsis for the anime of Cyberpunk 2077.


Editor’s note:

This surely will not be the last time that this love conflict is presented to us. With Uraraka on the same battlefield, it is very likely that this character’s feelings will finally be revealed to everyone.

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MHA reveals Midoriyas feelings for Toga

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