Midnight arrives to punish you with this beautiful My Hero Academia cosplay | Spaghetti Code

The anime of My Hero Academia It is becoming a true classic in the history of anime and its characters will remain in our memory for a long time. Kohei Horikoshi is an expert at making powerful and beautiful characters and who better than Midnight to exemplify it.

Nemri Kayama aka Midnight is one of My Hero Academia’s favorite heroines within the cosplay-loving community. We want to acknowledge the work that the expert did Bloodraven then presented us with a realistic version of what the unique character would look like.

Imagen: Instagram / @blood.raven

As can be seen in the images of the model, in addition to the official Midnight costume, play with the lights and the framing of the image to have that unmistakable touch of mystery and seduction that characterizes the heroine.

Imagen: Instagram / @blood.raven

Bloodraven has faced criticism from the community for failing to perfectly “mimic” the bodies of some of the anime characters it honors. With Midnight it was no exception. The model mentioned that she was attacked for not having a chest as big as el character of My hero Academia, but she reaffirmed in her publications that she will not stop doing it because it is a very fun hobby for her.

Imagen: Instagram / @blood.raven

If you liked the cosplayer’s work, follow her on her social networks and on her other VIP content platforms (such as OnlyFans). In Instagram has around 88 thousand followers while in its canal de Twitch She has about 5,000 followers who chat with her and watch her play video games.

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