Mineta is the most hated character in ‘Boku no Hero Academia’, and rightly so in the world

In a series like ‘boku no hero academia‘ in which there are handfuls of characters, it is normal for everyone to have their favorites and their most hated depending on their own tastes.

Although we have seen fearsome villains and others who are absolutely despicable, curiously there is one of the heroes that usually crowns the lists of the most hated characters in the series, and the truth is that quite deservedly. Yes, friends. We talk about Mineta.

When the funny guy in the class crosses the line

When you go to watch an anime you already know that you are going to have to eat several tropes, and unfortunately one of them is usually the unnecessary sexualization of female characters and the slimy guy on duty hanging around them as comic relief.

‘Boku no Hero Academia’ he also fails to avoid this situation even with the underage students, who are sometimes even more objectified than in the manga. But how annoying and slimy Mineta gets to be with them and any woman who passes him has managed to make a large audience disgust him tremendously.

The worst of all is that Mineta in fact He is a character with a lot of potential and some very interesting powers.. On a few occasions he has shown that he is very intelligent (he placed 9th in the mid-term exams) and is very cunning in combat to power up his quirkwhich allows him to use the spheres on his head as projectiles, immobilize his enemy with them and everything else that comes to mind.

The problem is that his character doesn’t go much further than misguided comic relief. and that in anime it is even taken to the extreme when it comes to drooling. Mineta’s contributions during the series are often summed up in groping her companions without any shame and stalking in a quite disturbing way any female character who crosses her path to see if she catches them naked or in their underwear.

Mineta has been described as “the embodiment of lust”and in fact during the Training Camp Arc comes iEven using his powers to try and sneak into the girls’ side of the hot springs. And no, the extreme facial expressions full of drool with which they usually draw him in these situations do not help him to fall nice.

Mineta In Season 3

So in a world populated by all kinds of supervillains and psychopaths, Unfortunately, Mineta is too much like people that we can face each other on a day-to-day basis.. Some say that Gaston or Cinderella’s stepmother are the best Disney villains precisely because they are real characters that could exist in real life… and this applies a bit to Mineta.

Likewise, we do not find individuals capable of creating portals, throwing fire or disintegrating everything they touch, but Mineta represents a very real type of person and with which many women (including the fans of ‘Boku no Hero Academia’) have had to cross paths at some point in their lives.