Mirko came to life in this seductive and athletic My Hero Academia cosplay | Spaghetti Code

From My Hero Academia Many things can be said but not that it lacks interesting and super powerful female characters. Mirko is one of the most striking characters in anime because in addition to being a character with an athletic build and a young adult, she is also one of the very few dark-skinned heroes in the history of Kohei Horikoshi.

For this reason, Rumi Usagiyama aka Mirko is one of the favorite characters in the cosplay world of the Afro-descendant community and each of his representations are epic. For a sample we bring you the impressive work that the usuaria ArKhaiidia on his social networks to give his own interpretation of this heroine.

Khadijah Colwell “ArKhaiidia” is an internet model and semi-erotic content creator who delights her followers on Instagram with her anime, cartoon and video game cosplays. For this one on Mirko, ArKhaiidia already had the most difficult: an extremely athletic body that only had to include the classic heroine costume based on a rabbit. We also highlight his makeup skills and even the attitude he took in each of his photos.

Images: @arkhaiidia (Instagram)

Images: @arkhaiidia (Instagram)

Images: @arkhaiidia (Instagram)

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Did you know that Rumi Usagiyama is 26 years old, 1.56 m tall and having fifth place in the superhero rankin of My Hero Academia, she is so far the strongest heroine in the history of My Hero Academia? Don’t miss any more news about the Kohei Horikoshi anime and keep reading Spaghetti Code.


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