Momo Censored in My Hero Academia Promotions: TSH; inspired by live-action

Momo Yaoyorozu He is one of the most controversial characters in Boku no Hero Academia thanks to the design of his hero suit, since Yaoyorozu’s power allows him to create materials from the lipids in his body, so he needs to expose as much skin as possible. Because of this, the suit was censored in promotional materials of My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero.

Although Momo needs to expose skin, the design of his suit only exposes the center of his chest and abdomen, which is very impractical and realistic, although being a manga / anime that is not a problem. However, when My Hero Academia was adapted into a stage play, Momo’s costume was redesigned, and it was this design that they used for the video game trailers.

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Momo’s costume in the play solved the problem of Momo Yaoyorozu’s design by implementing a closure to her outfit, which gives a more realistic look to her overall outfit. The same author of Boku no Hero Academia confessed not to have thought that the costumes could be adapted to real life when he first designed them.

I never gave a thought to what the Boku No Hero Academia designs would look like in real life … However, after looking at the key visuals, I am amazed!“Was what the author of the manga had commented when the work was released. Although Horikoshi approves of Momo’s “censored” design, fans think a sports bra would be a better solution for controversy.

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In addition to the fact that a sports bra could hide your breasts completely, it would expose your entire abdomen and back, so the exposed skin would be much greater than it currently shows. Of course, since it is a manga, anime and video game, this argument should not have value, but still Sony Pictures Television decided to censor its promotionals for its launch in America.