My Hero Academia: 10 anime characters that would be at the top of class 1-A

My Hero Academia is a shonen anime series that combines the genre of superhero anime with that of high school, describing a future where talented young people can be accepted into hero schools like UA, Shiketsu, and Ketsubutsu to learn how to become. into professional heroes. Talented teens, with good Quirks and noble personalities, can be found in class 1-B or class 1-A, which is a real honor.

Class 1-A already has twenty of Japan’s most promising boys and girls, from Momo Yaoyorozu and Shoto Todoroki to Izuku Midoriya himself, but if possible, UA would also accept talented youngsters from other anime series, and these characters could earn a spot in class 1-A. All of these hero apprentices have the heart of a hero and superpowers that rival any Quirk.

10 Princess Shuna uses devastating holy magic (that time I was reincarnated into a slime)

Princess Shuna is a kind-hearted and sweet ogre who is also an expert in hospitality and tea ceremonies. He does not usually fight in person, preferring to let his brother Benimaru and his allies do it. But if he must, Shuna will face Rimuru’s enemies and annihilate them with his magic.

In battle, Shuna can use holy magic to block enemy attacks, and she can also use the Disintegration spell to vaporize any enemy that gets in her way. This has nothing to envy of any Class 1-A Quirk, and Shuna has the noble and brave soul of a hero to back him up.

9 Uryu Ishida is a Quincy prodigy (Bleach)my hero academia 10 personajes de anime que estarian en la cima de la clase 1 a 1

Uryu Ishida is a Quincy archer, and is capable of remarkable feats for his age. He is the same age as the hero Ichigo Kurosaki and a freshman in high school, so he is the perfect age to apply to the UA and enter class 1-A.

Uryu is an intelligent and analytical fighter, and can also summon Quincy bows to destroy Hollows from afar. He can also use the Hirenkyaku to move quickly around the battlefield, giving him an advantage on defense. These two “Quirks” and his intelligence would undoubtedly make him a class 1-A star.

8 Yuji Itadori is a powerful sorcerer in training (Jujutsu Kaisen)my hero academia 10 personajes de anime que estarian en la cima de la clase 1 a 2

Yuji Itadori is a recent shonen star who became a jujutsu wizard when he ate one of Sukuna’s twenty fingers, and now, there is no going back. Yuji can summon Sukuna’s power in emergencies, and can also rely on his formidable martial arts to take down curses or even rival students in combat.

Yuji’s curse energy serves as the Quirk, and could join Rikido Sato and Tenya Iida as a hero oriented to hand-to-hand combat. Furthermore, he is the exact age, as he is a first-year student at the Tokyo institute and sorcerer school, along with Nobara Kugisaki and Megumi Fushiguro.

7 Mako is a talented firebender (The Legend of Korra)my hero academia 10 personajes de anime que estarian en la cima de la clase 1 a 3

Mako is a skilled Firebender who grew up on the bad streets of Republic City with his brother Bolin, and Mako was also the captain of the Fire Ferrets professional team. Also, he has experience as a policeman and has fought many powerful villains and survived.

All this experience would make Mako an excellent future professional hero, and UA would gladly accept him as a student in Class 1-A, where he can put his fire-bending “Quirk” into practice. He has the fire of Shoto Todoroki and the lightning of Denki Kaminari, which makes him two students in one.

6 Touka Kirishima has a macabre quirk (Tokyo Ghoul)my hero academia 10 personajes de anime que estarian en la cima de la clase 1 a 4

Touka Kirishima is a ghoul and he knows it, but unlike his fierce brother Ayato, Touka sees no need to reject humanity. She goes out of her way to live like an ordinary 17-year-old, including going to school and taking it seriously. In fact, he feels bad about failing the exams, even though ghouls don’t need an education.

Touka’s “Quirk” is his macabre nature, which allows him to rapidly regenerate his flesh and fight with superhuman strength and speed. He also has a ukaku-type kagune, manifesting as a single fleshy wing in battle. It could go a long way in class 1-A if UA accepted it.

5 Edward Elric has the gift of alchemy (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)my hero academia 10 personajes de anime que estarian en la cima de la clase 1 a 5

Edward Elric is an exalted but brilliant state alchemist, and has been practicing alchemy since he was just a child, along with his brother Alphonse. Both brothers have the mind of a scientist to increase their alchemy, and they also practiced martial arts with their teacher, Izumi Curtis.

Edward already has the heroic personality, intelligence, and martial arts to succeed in the UA heroism department, and his alchemy “Quirk” is the final piece of the puzzle. Izuku has seen what Overhaul is capable of with that power, and would be glad to have a classmate rather than an enemy who can reshape matter at will.

4 Azazel Ameri is a model demon student (Welcome to demon school, Iruma-Kun!)my hero academia 10 personajes de anime que estarian en la cima de la clase 1 a 6

In many aspects, Welcome to demon school, Iruma-kun! is similar to My Hero Academia, and their respective heroes, Izuku and Iruma, can be easily compared. However, among the demon students of Babyls, Azazel Ameri is more likely to enter UA than Iruma.

Unlike Iruma Suzuki, Azazel Ameri is good at fighting and is confident in her physical prowess and lineage. She is also a smart and responsible student council president, making her a serious rival to Momo Yaoyorozu and Tenya Iida in class 1-A.

3 Josuke Higashikata has a tough job (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)my hero academia 10 personajes de anime que estarian en la cima de la clase 1 a 7

Josuke Higashikata is a Stand user, and in the eyes of Class 1-A students, a Stand user can be compared to Fumikage Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow Quirk, which is like a Stand in itself. Josuke is a high school student, so he is the right age to apply to the UA. He is destined to enter class 1-A.

Josuke can be a hateful hooligan at times, but he has the heart of a hero, and will not tolerate any villains. Josuke’s Stand, Mad Diamond, is a devastating melee fighter who can also fix things and heal people, making him flexible and effective as a Quirk. Josuke would also have a lot of fun designing and wearing his own hero costume.

2 Shikamaru is a tactical leader with a shadow quirk (Naruto)my hero academia 10 personajes de anime que estarian en la cima de la clase 1 a 8

Shikamaru Nara is one of the most intelligent ninjas in the Leaf Village and is often chosen to lead a team to complete dangerous missions. Shikamaru treats everything like a shogi match, and he’s incredibly insightful when it comes to enemy ninjutsu of all kinds. He also has his own jutsu to back up his allies in mortal combat.

Shikamaru’s shadow-based jutsu is effectively a Shadow Possession Quirk, forcing the target to mimic Shikamaru’s movements and preventing him from moving on his own. This could be immensely useful for any UA professional hero agency or training exercise.

1 Levy McGarden Loves Books & Magic (Fairy Tail)my hero academia 10 personajes de anime que estarian en la cima de la clase 1 a 9

Levy McGarden is a support mage in the Fairy Tail guild, and she is a highly trained and well-educated mage for only 17 years old. Levy loves books, and he has enchanted glasses that further speed up his reading, allowing him to quickly research a topic even in the middle of a mission or battle.

Levy then uses her newfound knowledge and Solid Script magic to create a wide variety of tricky magical effects to enhance her allies and slow her enemies, and Class 1-A could use a student like her very well. Levy’s extensive knowledge and magical Quirk make her as flexible and intelligent as Momo, and that’s saying a lot.