My Hero Academia: 10 anime characters that would be the perfect match for Deku

My Hero Academia stars Izuku Midoriya, an adorable shonen protagonist with a big heart and the soul of a true superhero. He has always idolized All Might, and after receiving One For All, Izuku began training to become a true hero and inspire people as the new symbol of peace. Along the way, he has made many new friends at UA, including the lovely Ochaco Uraraka.

My Hero Academia She sometimes takes the time to hint at a little romance to round out these characters, and of course Mina Ashido is convinced that there is a romance in the making between Izuku and Ochaco as they fit in well with each other. It’s clear that Izuku is the brave and honest type, and if Ochaco weren’t there, he might find a mistress from other anime series instead.

10 Azazel Ameri is also smart and heroic (Welcome to demon school, Iruma-Kun!)

Azazel Ameri is the respected president of the Babyls School student council, and also has a strong relationship with Iruma Suzuki, the isekai hero of Welcome to the School of Demons! It also happens that Izuku and Iruma have a lot in common.

If Azazel Ameri can fall in love with Iruma, she would do the same with Izuku Midoriya, and vice versa. They would respect each other immensely as students and heroes, and they would have a great time on their first date at Walter Park.

9 Levy McGarden is brave and brilliant (Fairy Tail)my hero academia 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para deku 1

Izuku would befriend all the wizards in the Fairy Tail guild, but when it comes to finding a girlfriend, he would be more demanding. Lucy is smart but vain, Erza is too intense, and Juvia has a fixation on Gray. Instead, Izuku would only have eyes for Levy McGarden, a sympathetic and bookish magician.

Levy can use Solid Script magic and has a sharp mind, and loves to study to reinforce his knowledge before battle. Izuku feels identified with that, since he has studied Quirks all his life, and he and Levy also have more or less similar personalities. Is meant to be.

8 Maki Oze is tough but kind (Fire Force)my hero academia 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para deku 2

Maki Oze, the fire soldier, is a good match for most shonen heroes, as she is a tough and capable fighter who can keep up with a potential suitor, while also having a charming personality and serious romantic streak. . Maki loves melee training recruits as much as she is dreaming of the perfect fairytale wedding.

It’s Shinra Kusakabe who calls himself a hero, but Maki Oze is a hero in her own right, firmly committed to saving lives and protecting peace in what remains of Japan. Furthermore, he is a lively and cheerful person whose personality would fit perfectly with Izuku’s.

7 Tohru Honda is a hero at heart (Fruits Basket)my hero academia 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para deku 3

Tohru Honda is a much loved shojo heroine, and even if she is not a martial artist or superhero, Izuku would still see a lot of himself in her. Tohru may be an ordinary but compassionate girl, but she has nevertheless willingly entered the world of the cursed Sohma family. She is determined to save them all.

Tohru sees the best in each person, and will bravely face bullies like Akito Sohma to help others and do the right thing despite the risks. She also has the heart of a true hero, only without the cape. Izuku would love to meet Tohru and work up the courage to ask her out.

6 Ichika Nakano does not give up his dreams (The quintessential quintuplets)my hero academia 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para deku 4

In general, it’s easy to deduce that Izuku is attracted to brave, kind, and proactive girls along the same lines as Ochaco Uraraka, and that includes non-violent heroines like Tohru and Ichika Nakano, who don’t need fists or Quirks to fight for it. they believe. Ichika is like a hero in her own right.

Ichika is the oldest of the five Nakano sisters, and she also has the protective and mature personality of an older sister. She aspires to become a successful actress despite her lousy grades, and Izuku would be impressed by her courage and determination. I would also admire her caring and kind attitude towards the other four Nakano sisters.

5 María Campbell learned to defend what is right (My next life as a villain)my hero academia 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para deku 5

Maria Campbell was the original heroine of theotome game Fortune Lover, and she soon became one of Katarina Claes’ best friends. Maria was a meek and humble girl who faced a lot of bullies in the original story, but with a new Katarina around her, Maria is a bit more courageous and assertive. However, he is still a gentle and kind person in general.

Izuku would be delighted to meet Maria and vice versa, and would be drawn to her warm personality and her determination to succeed despite adversity. He would see himself in her, and be proud that he helped rescue Keith Claes as a hero.

4 Princess Yona learned to defend herself (Yona of the Dawn)my hero academia 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para deku 6

Princess Yona’s world was turned upside down when her childhood friend Soo-won turned on the king and killed him, and Yona fled for her life with her bodyguard, Hak, by her side. Yona quickly learned to survive a more pragmatic and tough lifestyle and to gather enough allies to retake the kingdom.

Izuku would gladly join Yona’s party as a hero, and Yona’s brave and kind personality would make an excellent impression on him. She has the heart of a hero and a leader, and Izuku would definitely want her as more than just a squad leader in no time.

3 Asuna Yuuki helped Kirito survive in Aincrad (Sword Art Online)my hero academia 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para deku 7

Asuna Yuuki is another heroic character from the anime who would not only make a great teammate for Izuku during the fight against evil, but would also make a potential date for him. Asuna was by Kirito’s side throughout the whole Aincrad affair, and returned to help him in the Alicization story arc when Kirito needed her most.

Asuna is everything Izuku would want in a partner: smart, loyal, brave, charming, generous, and committed to fighting for justice and peace. Izuku wouldn’t like Aincrad very much, but he could survive if he had Asuna with him.

2 Princess Shuna is sweet but also strong (that time I was reincarnated into a slime)my hero academia 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para deku 8

Princess Shuna is a kind and sweet citizen of Rimuru’s monster kingdom, and she and her brother Benimaru are absolutely committed to Rimuru’s noble cause. Shuna does not like to fight, but he stormed Clayman’s castle with a small squad and is not afraid to destroy his enemies with holy magic.

Shuna has the heart of a hero, although she prefers to take care of quieter things in Rimuru city, from organizing tea parties to choosing new outfits for Rimuru. Izuku likes how sweet and compassionate Shuna is and asks Benimaru’s permission to start dating her.

1 Diane is a Gentile Giant (The Seven Deadly Sins)my hero academia 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para deku 9

Diane is a giant from the land of Megadozer, and is also a member of Meliodas’ Seven Deadly Sins squad. However, unlike most giants, Diane dislikes bloodshed and warrior honor. She is not a pacifist, but neither will she fight people for selfish or superficial reasons. Diane prefers to fight to defend a friend or lover.

This is how Izuku thinks too, and he and Diane would get along wonderfully if they met. Diane’s warm and friendly personality would also appeal to him, and if King weren’t on the scene, Izuku would probably fall in love with Diane sooner or later. It’s like Ochaco and Mt. Lady together.