My Hero Academia: 10 anime characters that would be the perfect match for Tenya Iida

My Hero Academia is a successful superhero anime series with a cast of actors, primarily UA high school students. Izuku is the main protagonist, of course, but the story takes its time to develop and enrich its many supporting characters, such as Ochaco Uraraka and Kasuki Bakugo. There is also the matter of Tenya Iida, representative of class 1-A.

Tenya Iida is a studious and disciplined student, and aspires to become a great running hero like his older brother, Tensei. Tenya can be quite tense and severe at times, but he has always had a good heart, and values ​​his friends and classmates as if they were his family. Given the chance, Tenya would also try to date someone, and she would surely impress a potential mate with stories of her heroic adventures. In his own universe and beyond, he has many enchanting perspectives.

10 Momo Yaoyorozu looks a lot like him (My Hero Academia)

In the world of My Hero Academia, Tenya Iida might ask her classmate Momo Yaoyorozu out, and it’s easy to imagine Momo would happily say yes. They have many things in common, including their status as high-level students.

Tenya and Momo already get along in the story of My Hero Academia, and they are respected as intelligent and dedicated students who nurture a burning passion to become heroes. Now is the time to take your relationship to the next level.

9 Tatsuki Arisawa also loves martial arts (Bleach)my hero academia 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para tenya iida 1

Tatsuki Arisawa is one of the “normals” who live in the city of Karakura, characters that have almost nothing to do with the Soul Reapers, the Arrancars or Quincy. However, she has a symbolic spiritual awareness and is very protective of her spiritually gifted best friend Orihime Inoue.

Tatsuki is not overly fond of Orihime dating someone just yet, but he would be impressed to meet Tenya Iida, a noble and brave boy who, like Tatsuki, will risk anything to defend the innocent. Tenya is a melee-oriented hero, like Tatsuki, and that might give them something to relate to.

8 Erza Scarlet is tough but kind (Fairy Tail)my hero academia 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para tenya iida 2

Rank S mage Erza Scarlet is a good match for anyone looking for a travel companion, friend, or date. Although, of course, Erza has a high level of demand. She is a powerful and noble mage who belongs to the famous guild of Fairy Tail. It takes a lot to impress her.

Tenya Iida would definitely catch Erza’s attention if Jellal wasn’t in the story, and Erza would be impressed with Tenya’s speed-based “magic” and heroic spirit. Without a doubt, Tenya would return those feelings in spades, and in no time, they could have a nice date in Magnolia, a lovely city for a night out.

7 Asami Sato is smart, heroic, and responsible (The Legend of Korra)my hero academia 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para tenya iida 3

TheLegend of Korra is an anime-style series with many shonen conventions to its name, and Tenya Iida would practically feel at home if he visited the universe of Once . Along the way, he might meet wonderful people, like the brothers Mako and Bolin, and then he would meet the beautiful and brilliant Asami Sato, head of Future Industries.

Asami is loved not only for her elegant looks, but also for her impressive business acumen, incredible bravery in battle, and of course, her kind and selfless heart. She and Tenya Iida will hit it off right away, and Asami could show Tenya all of Republic City, including dinner at a fancy restaurant.

6 Maki Zenin es un hechicero desvalido (Jujutsu Kaisen)my hero academia 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para tenya iida 4

In the first season of Jujutsu Kaisen, Maki and her twin sister Mai are not exactly in the mood to date anyone, as they have a lot on their minds, including their feud with each other. However, if Maki had a few days off to relax and enjoy, he wouldn’t mind spending that time with Tenya Iida.

In many ways, jujutsu warlocks are like professional heroes, and Maki and Tenya therefore have a lot in common. They are also tough and smart fighters who know the stakes, and their personalities are quite similar as well. Nobara and Yuji wish Maki the best in their lovely new relationship.

5 Azazel Ameri can file papers and fight monsters (Welcome to the school of demons, Iruma-Kun!)my hero academia 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para tenya iida 5

Azazel Ameri is the student council president for the Babyls School for Demons, and she would actually be a good fit at UA, whether it’s class 1-A or 1-B. Ameri boasts demonic strength, speed, and agility, and can use her bloodline trait to maximize her strength. It’s almost like a Quirk, and Tenya will be impressed.

Ameri would attract several of the UA boys, including Izuku himself, and Tenya would also be attracted to her. He would see a lot of himself in Ameri and vice versa, and they will undoubtedly respect each other a lot. They will have a great time on their first date at Walter Park.

4 Misaki Ayuzawa can make an exception for Tenya (Maid-Sama!)my hero academia 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para tenya iida 6

Misaki Ayuzawa is the president of the student council at Seika High School, and she is also a serious student who moonlights as a waitress at a cafeteria to support her mother and little sister. In Tenya’s eyes, Misaki is a noble heroine without a cape, and he would be intrigued.

In general, Misaki keeps the boys at a distance, but makes exceptions for trusted people like her childhood friend, Hinata, and a few others. She also recognizes Tenya as a noble and trustworthy person who could easily become her friend and, if Takumi is not around, her boyfriend as well. She can relax and be herself around Tenya.

3 Sophia Ascart loves books and helping people (My next life as a villain)my hero academia 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para tenya iida 7

In the original story of Fortune Lover, an otome game, Sophia Ascart was a shy and insecure girl who did not like how her albinism turned people away from her. Fortunately, the new Katarina Claes befriended her and increased her confidence, and now, Sophia is a happier and more confident girl.

Sophia loves books, romantic stories, and supporting her friends through thick and thin, and Tenya would definitely be drawn to these types of girls. In Tenya’s eyes, Katarina is too silly and Mary Hunt is too intense, but Sophia is a good match, and she would be delighted to have a picnic date with him in the idyllic countryside.

2 Kyoko Hori is tough and charming as an older sister (Horimiya)my hero academia 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para tenya iida 8

In the original story of Horimiya, Kyoko Hori ends up with her meek and modest classmate Izumi Miyamura, but without Izumi around, Kyoko could finish off Tenya Iida instead, and once again, she would be reflected in another person in every possible way.

Kyoko is not a fighter and she certainly doesn’t have any Quirk. Regardless, there is no doubt that Tenya appreciates Kyoko’s responsible and mature personality as an older sister, and is also protective of her friends and takes school seriously. She also has her charming and carefree side to round things off.

1 Asuna Yuuki is a heroine with a sword (Sword Art Online)my hero academia 10 personajes de anime que serian la pareja perfecta para tenya iida 9

Asuna Yuuki is an important supporting character in Sword Art Online, and it would make an attractive date for many heroic characters from the anime world, including Tenya Iida. Asuna is smart, brave, deeply loyal and charming, and even acted as Yui’s foster mother, with Kirito being the foster father.

Asuna has the true heart of a hero, and Tenya Iida will be deeply impressed, even humiliated, by the tales of Asuna’s many adventures. If Kirito isn’t around, it’s easy to imagine that Yuuki also likes Tenya, and that they may have a colorful date in the world of ALFheim Online.