My Hero Academia: 10 Anime Characters Who Wouldn’t Like Endeavor

The narrative ofMy Hero Academia has more nuances than “heroes vs. villains.” In this story, some pro heroes are flawed or even corrupt people, and some villains have surprisingly sympathetic or kind sides, like when the villain Twice saw Himiko Toga as a dear friend. The brand new hero Endeavor, meanwhile, is not easy to love.

Endeavor is respected as the new No. 1 hero after All Might’s retirement, but he doesn’t make friends easily. He is intense, self-absorbed and abrasive at times, and has been cruel to his own family, especially his son, Shoto Todoroki. If other characters in the anime knew about it, they would get a bad impression, and some characters would be deeply disturbed by what they saw. To them, Endeavor is the true symbol of evil around here.

10 Isshin Kurosaki would see a dark version of himself (Bleach)

In the anime world there are many exceptional fathers and husbands, and one of them is Isshin Kurosaki, a former Soul Reaper who helped train his heroic son Ichigo to defeat Sosuke Aizen. Isshin is a selfless and easy going hero and father, and would deeply disapprove of Endeavor’s methods.

Isshin is not afraid of being harsh on Ichigo, but would be horrified to learn of Endeavor’s Quirk marriage and their abuse of his family. Isshin would see a dark and extreme version of himself in Endeavor, and that would upset him on many levels.

9 Minato Namikaze would feel the same as Isshin (Naruto)my hero academia 10 personajes del anime a los que no les gustaria el endeavor 1

Minato Namikaze was the Fourth Hokage, and like Isshin Kurosaki, he is the proud father of a shonen protagonist – in this case, Naruto Uzumaki. Minato had to make some tough decisions regarding his career and family, and ended up placing Kurama, the nine-tailed fox, in his newborn son.

Minato was proud when he met Naruto as a spiritual keepsake, and would severely disapprove of Endeavor as a fellow hero / father. Minato hurt his son, but it was for the good of the village, not out of selfish wishes. Endeavor wasn’t trying to save the world; he wanted to use his son to surpass his rival All Might, and that is unacceptable.

8 Natsu Dragneel wouldn’t recognize Endeavor as a true father (Fairy Tail)my hero academia 10 personajes del anime a los que no les gustaria el endeavor 2

Natsu Dragneel is the hunter of fire dragons, and in his eyes, the ancient dragon Igneel is his true father, even though they are not of the same species. Natsu loved his dragon father growing up, and has been desperately searching for Igneel since that dragon’s mysterious disappearance.

To Natsu, family is everything, blood or not, and he would be upset if he saw the way Endeavor treats his own family. In fact, most members of the Fairy Tail guild would agree that Endeavor and Shoto are not a true family at all.

7 Van Hohenheim would remind himself too much (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)my hero academia 10 personajes del anime a los que no les gustaria el endeavor 3

The former Van Hohenheim is another anime father who would be very disturbed if he met Endeavor and learned the truth about his family and their Quirk marriage. Hohenheim already feels terrible about his own role as a family man, being an immortal “monster” who cannot easily identify with his wife and children.

Endeavor is even more of a monster, and that would upset Hohenheim on a personal level. Hohenheim regrets his difficult relationship with his children, and seeing the Shoto / Endeavor relationship would simply break his heart for centuries.

6 Shinra Kusakabe wouldn’t call Endeavor (Fire Force) a heromy hero academia 10 personajes del anime a los que no les gustaria el endeavor 4

Shinra Kusakabe is a powerful fire soldier, and he understands that flames can be used both for incredible heroic feats and to cause great misery and destruction in the world. Fire has a dual nature, ultimately, and Shinra would deeply disapprove of Endeavor if they met. He represents the dark side of fire.

Shinra would say that Endeavor gives fire a bad name and, as an aspiring superhero, would declare Endeavor a failure as a professional hero. Shinra also knows what it’s like to have a broken family, and would be furious to learn of Endeavor’s role in the Todoroki family’s troubles.

5 Prince Zuko would see Ozai in Endeavor (Avatar: The Last Airbender)my hero academia 10 personajes del anime a los que no les gustaria el endeavor 5

Like Shinra, Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation understands that fire has a light side and a dark side, and he learned this lesson the hard way. For years, Zuko associated fire with anger, aggression, and conquest, especially with Fire Lord Ozai as a father and Princess Azula as a sister.

Zuko shrunk down and turned on his tyrannical father, and if he ran into Endeavor, he’d swear that Ozai 2.0 just arrived, and he’d react very badly. Abusive parents who shoot fire are the worst, Zuko would say, and he wouldn’t be in the mood for Endeavor’s excuses.

4 Tanjiro Kamado values ​​family above all else (Demon Slayer)my hero academia 10 personajes del anime a los que no les gustaria el endeavor 6

Tanjiro Kamado is a demon slayer, and he chose that career for one reason: to protect his family. Most of his family members were killed when the monstrous Muzan Kibutsuji attacked, and only Nezuko Kamado, who was a demon, was left.

Tanjiro has vowed to restore Nezuko’s humanity no matter what, and that is the power of the family. He also has fond memories of his fire-loving father Tanjuro, and meeting Endeavor would be a shock. How can Endeavor be a fire-loving father who is cruel to his own family? It is unthinkable.

3 Kyo Sohma has felt the sting of an abusive father (Fruits Basket)my hero academia 10 personajes del anime a los que no les gustaria el endeavor 7

Kyo Sohma has suffered a lot of verbal and emotional abuse, even by Sohma standards, and much of it comes from her parents. His mother regretted giving birth to a monster, and his father is still disgusted by Kyo’s own nature. Kyo bitterly hates his father, and sees Kazuma Sohma as a surrogate father figure.

Kyo ended up turning the page and got his happiness forever with Tohru Honda, but if he met Endeavor and found out the truth, he would have all kinds of unpleasant memories about his own father, and he would want to slap Endeavor in a fit of rage. How many bad parents do you have to meet in your life?

2 Shoya Ishida would be seen in the endeavor (a silent voice)my hero academia 10 personajes del anime a los que no les gustaria el endeavor 8

Shoya Ishida was never a superhero, nor does he have a Quirk or special powers. But understand that bullying and abuse only make everyone miserable, and even if the bully is already hurt, two evils do not do good. He would be upset to know the truth about the Todoroki family.

Shoya’s reasons for hurting people differ from Endeavor’s, but anyway, he’d see a brutal reflection of himself in Endeavor’s eyes, and that would really upset him. Shoya ruined Shoko Nishimiya’s childhood with his cruelty, and Endeavor ruined his son’s as well. Unforgivable.

1 Raphtalia will not tolerate any abuse (The Rise of the Shield Hero)my hero academia 10 personajes del anime a los que no les gustaria el endeavor 9

Raphtalia is a demi-human who suffered greatly when human soldiers sacked her hometown and took all the children prisoner, condemning them to death or slavery. Raphtalia was sold to a cruel noble named Rabier, who wounded and killed demihuman slaves simply because he could.

Raphtalia would see Endeavor as the next Rabier, a monster who hurts others for his own selfish reasons. It is true that Endeavor is truly a pro hero, but for Raphtalia, Endeavor’s actions would remind her of her own deep trauma, and she would not forgive him. No one who exploits the weak can be called a true hero.