My Hero Academia: 10 Best Practices, Ranked

The main characters ofMy Hero Academia They are professional heroes in training, and all the students in classes 1-A and 1-B had the opportunity to intern with a professional hero to gain much-needed experience and learn how true heroes act. The practices took place shortly after the United States sports festival, during which many professional heroes scouted the students.

Izuku and his companions practiced with an impressive array of professional heroes, although some of those heroes taught their young wards more than others. Izuku and some other students learned a lot, while others achieved little.

10 Minoru Mineta learned nothing from Mount Lady

At first, the perverted student Minoru Mineta was delighted to take an internship with the powerful and beautiful Mt. Lady, but was soon disappointed. Mt. Lady is outrageously lazy when she’s not actively fighting on the streets, and it seemed like she didn’t teach Minoru much about the hero business.

Instead, the mistress of the bush disengaged and set Minoru to do the housework, and Minoru, understandably, grumbled to himself at this unwanted twist. Minoru is not the nicest boy, but even he deserved more constructive practices than these.

9 Eijiro Kirishima y Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu aprendieron a temer al cuarto tipomy hero academia 10 mejores practicas clasificadas 1

Eijiro Kirishima considered himself a man, and both he and his counterpart and rival, Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, hoped to learn a lot from the Fourth Kind and prove their worth. Fourth Kind was a strict teacher, and he wasn’t afraid to hit both boys on the head.

Eijiro and Tetsutetsu set about picking up trash and other manual jobs, learning that being a hero doesn’t always mean beating thieves and showing off to the press. They weren’t glamorous practices, but they were reasonably educational.

8 Katsuki Bakugo took on Best Jeanistmy hero academia 10 mejores practicas clasificadas 2

The fierce Katsuki Bakugo has a bad attitude, but even he couldn’t intimidate the professional hero Best Jeanist. In fact, Best Jeanist “tamed” Bakugo by forcing him to do a modest hairstyle, showing off Best Jeanist’s hairdressing skills. Bakugo was barely recognizable with this new hairstyle.

Bakugo didn’t necessarily learn much from these practices, but at least his mentor was a powerful and responsible professional hero, and it was a lot of fun watching Eijiro and Hanta Sero react to Bakugo’s strange new hairstyle in class.

7 Momo Yaoyorozu and Itsuka Kendo got to know Uwabamimy hero academia 10 mejores practicas clasificadas 3

Momo Yaoyorozu and Itsuka Kendo, despite being from rival classes, get along well, and go in together with professional heroine Uwabami, a lady with snakes in her hair. Momo was slightly disappointed to realize that Uwabami was not going to teach her combat moves.

Uwabami is not a great fighter. Instead, he specializes in search and rescue, an exemplary support hero who saves lives every day. She is also an advertisement model, and she invited Momo and Itsuka to act with her in an advertisement. At least the public knows Momo and Itsuka’s faces and their hero names for future reference.

6 Tenya Iida Boarding with Manualmy hero academia 10 mejores practicas clasificadas 4

Tenya Iida is a close combat hero, and although he is a great student and a good leader, he still needs real life experience, so he interned with the professional hero Manual to learn a thing or two. Tenya was still recovering from his battle with the assassin hero Stain, and that weighed heavily on him.

The Hero Manual was flattered by the fact that Tenya chose him for an internship, but Manual also had to advise Tenya not to pursue grudges as a professional hero. Tenya must put his duty first, and leave the arrests and punishments to the police and the courts. Tenya’s job is to fight and rescue people, nothing more.

5 Ochaco learned CQC from Gunheadmy hero academia 10 mejores practicas clasificadas 5

Ochaco Uraraka fought well at the sports festival, but lost badly to Katsuki Bakugo, inspiring her to train hard and add new skills to her repertoire. Thus, he honed his close combat skills by accepting an internship with professional hero Gunhead.

It was a good movie, and it paid off just as Ochaco hoped. He learned hand-to-hand combat and put those new skills to use against the villainous Himiko Toga at the training ground in the forest. Ochaco will not forget these vital skills in the short term.

4 Kyoka Jiro has solid experience with the arms of deathmy hero academia 10 mejores practicas clasificadas 6

Kyoka Jiro calls herself Earphone Jack, the sonic hero who can hear anyone through walls and floors. He trusts his Quirk, but he also needs experience, and that’s exactly what he amassed during his internship with pro hero Death Arms.

Kyoka fought well as a support hero during a hostage situation, which helped build her confidence and gave her the opportunity to practice interacting with civilians in need. A professional hero must be more than a fighter; it should also be charismatic and help reassure people during a disaster.

3 Fumikage Tokoyami internado con los Hawksmy hero academia 10 mejores practicas clasificadas 7

The talented Fumikage Tokoyami knows not to rely on his powerful Dark Shadow Quirk, especially since he is well aware of its drawbacks. Because of this, Fumikage interned with another bird-themed hero, the mighty Falcons, and quickly grew up as a student hero.

Fumikage gained vital experience fighting on the field with Hawks, and he also learned some new moves from Dark Shadow, which he employed against Class 1-B in the joint training exercise. Fumikage also gained a lot of muscle during these practices.

2 Tsuyu Asui lived a real adventure in her practices with Selkiemy hero academia 10 mejores practicas clasificadas 8

The frog heroine Tsuyu Asui had such exciting practices that her adventure was enough for an entire episode of filler. At first, Tsuyu’s practices consisted of maintaining and cleaning Selkie’s ship, and even Sirius admitted that it was a boring job. But then the action began.

The Innsmouth villains tricked and trapped Selkie, so it was up to Tsuyu to bravely hunt down the villains and keep them busy until Selkie could arrive to finish the job. Tsuyu was a star, and Selkie and Sirius were impressed. Tsuyu would return to serve with Selkie in the future, along with Ochaco and Nejire Hado.

1 Izuku advanced a lot with the Gran Torinomy hero academia 10 mejores practicas clasificadas 9

Being the main protagonist, Izuku’s practices were the most productive, exciting and longest of those shown in My Hero Academia, and they were enormously worth it. Izuku’s internship was with retired hero Gran Torino, who had once trained All Might himself, so Izuku was definitely going to learn a lot.

And he did. Izuku had struggled with the One for All until now, but Gran Torino’s insightful and intuitive instructions allowed Izuku to rethink how to use the One for All and its immense power. Izuku learned to take quick jumps with the Full Cowling Technique, and learned to spread the power of One For All evenly throughout his body to avoid excess tension. That made the difference.