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The sixth season of My Hero Academia has recently begun airing, and fans of the series are finally seeing the sequel to the paranormal war of liberation in season 5. The heroes, along with the students of UA Academy, are on about to have an all-out war with the Paranormal Liberation Front, which is led by All For One prodigy Tomura Shigaraki.

With the excitement of the new season, fans of the show have already made their guesses and even come up with some insightful fan theories. That said, Reddit users with a deep understanding of the series shared some of the most insightful fan theories.

The power of Shigaraki was given by all for one

The origin of Tomura’s villain is incredibly tragic. Because of his whims and lack of control over his emotions, he accidentally murdered his entire family. He was quickly taken by All For One under his wing and learned to use his quirk.

On Reddit, sleapyGazelle theorizes that Tomura’s deadly quirk that causes everything he touches to decay was “given” to him by All For One and that the evil mastermind “somehow engineered the tragedy in the Shimura household” . This theory is further supported by the fact that Tomura’s quirk has an adverse effect on the skin, which occurs when a quirk does not naturally appear in a person.

All For One deliberately gave Yoichi the stocking quirk

The little brother of All For One is the opposite of him. Yoichi Shigaraki is presumed to be born weird and felt helpless as his brother committed heinous crimes. However, All For One gave him a Quirk that allowed him to transfer his power to another person and store Quirks down the line.

Although not explicitly stated in the anime or manga, Melineumgod assumes that All For One gave Yoichi the Storage Quirk “so he could have a worthy opponent” on this line. Because All Might hasn’t shown the quirks of previous users and Izuku Midoriya has, it’s safe to say Deku could be the worthy opponent All For One has been patiently waiting for.

Dark Shadow is a nomu

In one of the highest rated episodes of My Hero Academia on IMDb, Endeavor unleashed his “PLUS ULTRA Prominence Burn” finishing move due to the threat of a very powerful Nomu. In the series, Nomu are monsters made from dead humans who have superhuman abilities and Quirks.

Redditor Ashlorian says “Dark Shadow is a nomu that was planted” in Fumigake Takoyami by villains to leak hero information. But while the manga has already established Yuga Aoyama as the UA traitor who leaked the school’s secrets to the League of Villains, the theory that Dark Shadow is a nomu is still somewhat possible, with some going as far as l. substantiate by saying that Dark Shadow is Takoyami’s twin who died in the womb.

There are no people without quirks

The My Hero Academia universe featured characters with weird quirks such as the hero Wash and the student Plamo. Due to the eccentricity and weirdness of some quirks, some fans are convinced that no human is born without a quirk.

In a Reddit post, Friendlyalterme explains that some of My Hero Academia’s quirks are so ridiculous that they “wonder how they even discovered them.” He supports his theory by saying that Deku’s quirk is his “inability to quit” and that some non-quirk characters on the show have “extremely convoluted quirks” that can be difficult to understand.

All For One is Deku’s father

One of the most incredibly outlandish theories that might be true is that All For One is Deku’s father. Although Deku has a father named Hisashi Midoriya, he is never shown in the manga or anime and is only mentioned a few times in passing.

An article by noglorynoguts describes the various reasons why they suspect All For One of being Deku’s father, mainly because All For One uses “manipulative long-term goals as a means to achieve his goals”. As Deku begins to show the quirks of previous One for All users, All For One’s goal of finding a competitor who can match his strength and abilities is finally realized, and a final battle between a powerful father duo and son could be what All For One is aiming for.

Deku’s body will catch up with his whims

It’s his One For All quirk, Deku accesses his previous users’ quirks. Some of the quirks Deku has already awakened in the anime are Blackwhip, which allows him to generate black vein-like extensions from his body. The main problem with Deku’s quirks is that they take a toll on his body, as he isn’t physically ready to handle the full power of One For All.

However, Redditor mileschofer posits that Deku will eventually be physically able to handle his quirks as his body recognizes “the abundance of quirks” and “finds a way to keep up with it.” However, they also note that Deku’s body will not gain Shigaraki’s controlled growth, but will instead evolve to be impervious to physical damage.

Dabi can revive himself

One of the theories confirmed in My Hero Academia is that Dabi is the estranged Todoroki brother who turned his back on his family after his Endeavor neglected him and his powers. As Toya Todoroki, he trained endlessly, to the point of damaging his physique. But despite his progress, Endeavor still looked away, causing him to lose control of his powers, nearly killing him.

On Reddit, My Hero Academia fans theorize that Dabi is akin to a phoenix. User sadhoot explains that “Dabi can revive and heal himself if he dies to his own flame” and that his true quirk is more than just a conjuration of “great, hot, blue flames”. This theory has a high chance of being true, as he largely survived the damage he inflicted on himself as a child, which knocked him unconscious for three years.

Everything could be rewound by Eri

Although considered one of the most powerful Quirks in My Hero Academia, One for All greatly degrades the user’s body and shortens their lifespan. The responsibility of wearing One for All also encourages the wearer to lead dangerous lives and face infamous villains.

Due to the injuries he suffered after his battle with All For One, All Might was forced to search for a successor. There is no doubt that All Might desires the highest good. That’s why, according to Deoxystar, he could turn to Eri, who has the ability to rewind powers, to “rewind to help.” Despite his heroic deed, they also theorize that All Might will “die in the most painful way possible,” but at least he leaves with dignity and honor intact.

The second user quirk is time travel

The reveal that the One for All Quirk allows Quirk stacking has fans of the series excited. Many are excited to know what other oddities await Deku, besides One for All and Blackwhip. While the other quirks were revealed in the manga, the second user’s quirk is still shrouded in mystery.

Redditor HokageEzio prefaces that they “don’t like the idea,” but the possibility that the second user’s quirk is “some form of time control” or “time travel” is very likely. It is assumed that in order to truly defeat All For One, Deku will have to travel through time. It’s an exciting concept that only time can confirm.

Deku is an all for one clone

As the embodiment of evil, All For One is known for playing the long game and making sure his plans work even as he faces bumps in the road. His desire to win over his younger brother’s quirk and wreak havoc on the world is complemented by his plan to turn Tomura into a powerful vessel.

My Hero Academia fans recognize All For One’s ability to cook up grand plans. In a comment, ShenGao offers that “Deku doesn’t have a father” and is “a clone” of All For One. The series villain has a “million backup plans”, and Deku being a clone, All For One protects his goal in case Tomura dies.