My Hero Academia: 10 Characters Who Never Won A Fight

My Hero Academia is a superhero action anime where caped superheroes keep the streets safe from all kinds of criminals and villains, which means there is always a fight to be had. These heroes use their Quirks, fists, and fighting skills to protect the peace, and these heroes must never lose to the forces of evil.

Without a doubt, most of the main protagonists of My Hero Academy they’ve had plenty of stunning victories, from the great All Might beating All For One to Izuku defeating the villainous Muscular. However, there are plenty of other My Hero characters Academy that, at this point in the anime, they have not won a proper combat. At this rate, they may never do.

10 La Brava Failed To Help Gentle Criminal Defeat Izuku

Many of the characters in My Hero Academia who have not won a single fight are minor and punctual villains or antagonists. This includes the petite redhead La Brava. She is a petty criminal in her 20s who adores Gentle Criminal as her partner in crime. She also faithfully manages her social media account.

La Brava used her Quirk of Love to enhance Gentle Criminal’s prowess in the battle against Izuku Midoriya, but Izuku still won. With Gentle defeated, La Brava ran out of options and was soon stopped by Gentle.

9 Midnight Hasn’t Won A Serious Fightmy hero academia 10 personajes que nunca ganaron una pelea 1

Midnight doesn’t fight much in myhero academy She is loved as a compelling and funny teacher in the US school. When the teachers faced the students of Class 1-A in 2v1 matches, Midnight fought Minoru Mineta and Hanta Sero.

Midnight quickly cornered his two enemies, but Minoru showed some last minute wit and guts and escaped his wrath. She even took Hanta to the escape gate with him to ensure victory. Midnight was very impressed and didn’t feel bad about being outsmarted.

8 Ectoplasm Lost By Tsuyu And Fumikagemy hero academia 10 personajes que nunca ganaron una pelea 2

The terrifying Ectoplasm is another professor of the MHA whose only match so far has been against the students of class 1-A. She faced the frog Tsuyu Asui and the dark Fumikage Tokoyami, using the full power of her cloning Quirk against them.

At first, Ectoplasm had the upper hand, but Tsuyu and Fumikage outmaneuvered him and managed to put the handcuffs on one of Ectoplasm’s legs. This ended the match with a victory for the young heroes and a loss for Ectoplasm.

7 Muscle Man Lost His Only Matchmy hero academia 10 personajes que nunca ganaron una pelea 3

The muscular Muscular is a member of the League of Villains and one of several villains of the MHA who has lost his only match so far. Muscular participated in the League’s assault on the Forest Training Complex and was about to kill Kota Izumi when Izuku arrived to help.

Muscular was much stronger than Izuku. He had almost won the match when Kota distracted him with his water-based Quirk. Then, Izuku unleashed an incredible 1,000,000% Smash to demolish Muscular once and for all. Muscular was later dragged into Tartarus.

6 Magne Has Never Defeated Anyonemy hero academia 10 personajes que nunca ganaron una pelea 4

Magne is another member of the League, a melee villain who has a Quirk of magnetism that can attract men and women of opposite polarity. Magne participated in the forest training raid and battled the Wild, Wild Pussycats. However, Magne failed to defeat any of them.

Later, Magne did nothing but watch as All Might’s team battled All For One. After that, the powerful villain Overhaul killed Magne with a simple touch. Magne will never have a chance to get a single victory against the heroes.

5 Juzo Honenuki Doesn’t Have Any Wins To His Creditmy hero academia 10 personajes que nunca ganaron una pelea 5

Juzo Honenuki, who goes by the hero name Mudman, is a student in UA class 1-B who participated in the joint training exercise. While class 1-B did surprisingly well against the hardened class 1-A, Juzo didn’t get a solid win with the rest of his team.

Juzo tried his best to turn the tables on Shoto Todoroki, but was later knocked out. Then, his partner Pony Tsunotori cut to the chase and ended the match in a draw. Although he lost the match, Juzo gained some much-needed combat experience.

4 Setsuna Tokage Quickly Lost To Team Bakugomy hero academia 10 personajes que nunca ganaron una pelea 6

Setsuna Tokage is the heroine of class 1-B, able to split her body in the same way a lizard can detach a part of its tail to escape predators. In the joint training story arc, Setsuna and her teammates faced off against a team led by the notoriously uncooperative Katsuki Bakugo. Setsuna was sure that she would win.

Instead, Bakugo displayed great leadership skills and quickly put Setsuna’s team on the defensive with some very good tactics. Setsuna did what he could, but Bakugo soon knocked her out. He felt very bad for losing this match so quickly.

3 Vlad King Hasn’t Won A Match Yetmy hero academia 10 personajes que nunca ganaron una pelea 7

Class 1-B’s teacher, Vlad King, hasn’t seen much action yet. He hasn’t fought as many battles as his Class 1-A counterpart Shota Aizawa/Ploverhead, but at least he hasn’t suffered any serious defeats.

Vlad King helped Aizawa capture a clone of Dabi that Twice had made. However, that was not a substantial victory for Vlad King. For most of it, Vlad is in the background, though he did play an amusing role in providing biased commentary on the joint training arc.

2 Neito Monoma Hasn’t Won Any Real Fightsmy hero academia 10 personajes que nunca ganaron una pelea 8

For all his bravado and confident attitude, Neito Monoma has yet to win a major battle in My Hero AcademiaAlthough it is not for lack of trying. He displayed his abilities during the cavalry battle against Eijiro Kirishima and Bakugo. Unfortunately, he did not reach the final of the tournament.

Neito participated in the final match of the joint training exercise, but failed to knock out or capture any of his opponents, even with Hitoshi Shinso by his side. His team lost the entire battle, showing how much Neito still has to learn.

1 The Hooded Nomu Couldn’t Finish Off The Endeavormy hero academia 10 personajes que nunca ganaron una pelea 9

Despite pushing the heroes to their limits, the cloaked Nomu is one of the strongest villains the heroes have lost. In the last episode of the fourth season, the hooded Nomu faced off against the flaming hero Endeavor and Hawks. As Hawks took it upon himself to evacuate all nearby citizens, it fell to Endeavor to fight the hooded Nomu.

For a moment, it seemed that he had lost. So, the new number 1 hero made his way to Plus Ultra and finally beat the monster. Hawks showed the world why he deserves the No. 1 title.