My Hero Academia: 10 harsh realities of being a villain

My HeroAcademia It is one of the best modern shonen series, and its rich and detailed world construction is much of its appeal. Although the base world of My Hero Academia It is not much different from the modern era, the addition of special abilities called Quirks creates an interesting social layer that does not exist in reality.

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Although there are criminals in real life, they do not have access to widely destructive abilities. However, based on the current social structures of reality that also exist in My Hero AcademiaIt’s easy to imagine the reasons why some people would choose to become villains and use their Quirks in a negative way. However, that dark path does come with some downsides that need to be considered.

10 Its rarity may not have positive implications

Just as people in the real world cannot choose their skills and talents, people in the world of My Hero Academia you can’t choose what kind of Quirk you have. Many villains developed a Quirk that was considered dangerous or terrifying, causing people to avoid them. In the case of Himiko Toga, her Quirk affected her personality in such a way that she became morbid and obsessed with blood and gore. If she hadn’t been born with a blood-consuming Quirk, she might not have become a villain.

9 unable or unwilling to use their weirdness for goodmy hero academia 10 duras realidades de ser un villano 1

Although Pro Heroes like Endeavor and students like Katsuki Bakugo are born with destructive Quirks, they choose to use these Quirks for good. Villains, on the other hand, often think of using their Quirks for their own benefit, but sometimes they take out society in another way. The villain Mr. Compress comes from a line of thieves whose founder (and Compress’s great-great-grandfather), Peerless Thief, lived a Robin Hood-like existence robbing the rich and redistributing wealth to the less fortunate. Although this can be considered positive, it is still criminal activity.

8 Others may be afraid of them or their quirksmy hero academia 10 duras realidades de ser un villano 2

Some Quirks manifest in such a way that the person’s body is mutated or deformed, making them appear unapproachable, unpleasant, or fearsome. If they are accepted by others anyway, then they have a chance to become a functional member of society.

Unfortunately, some people never get accepted. The villainous Spinner was ostracized and discriminated against because his Quirk, Gecko, gave him a reptilian appearance along with the ability to cling to walls and other rugged surfaces. When Spinner heard about Hero Killer Stain’s passionate mission, he decided to become a villain and support Stain’s vision.

7 They feel like they don’t fit into societymy hero academia 10 duras realidades de ser un villano 3

Many villains tend to have Quirks that are not readily accepted by others in society, leading to a lack of a sense of belonging. However, in some cases, well-meaning people end up feeling that villainy is all they have left. The villain Gentle Criminal demonstrates what happens when well-intentioned people are cast aside by others. Gentle Criminal aspired to be a professional hero in his school days, but a series of well-meaning mishaps led him to believe that crime was the only thing left for him to gain fame and make a difference.

6 They end up isolating themselves due to bad treatmentmy hero academia 10 duras realidades de ser un villano 4

After enough bad experiences, even the most patient person falls prey to depression and isolation. This is no different for villains, who are human with feelings just like anyone else. The case of the villain La Brava is an extreme example of how people isolate themselves before indulging in being villains. After being ridiculed as a stalker by the boy she liked, La Brava fell into a deep depression and isolated herself at home. In this delicate frame of mind, she came across Gentle Criminal’s social media page and fell in love with him and his noble but villainous message.

5 They end up developing a distorted vision of life and societymy hero academia 10 duras realidades de ser un villano 5

Many villains view life and society through a warped lens that legitimizes their inner desires, whatever they may be. Some villains, like Peerless Thief and Hero Killer Stain, have a modicum of nobility hidden in their respective worldviews. However, this does not prevent them from participating in criminal activity, and they will harm those who stand in the way of their own ideas of justice. Other villains, like the dangerous All For One, see the world as their proverbial oyster and covet everything it has to offer for them.

4 They end up associating with people who have bad intentionsmy hero academia 10 duras realidades de ser un villano 6

When people are sufficiently excluded from society, they develop complexes about themselves and about life in general that lead them to seek any source of companionship or understanding. These types of people are often in incredibly vulnerable states, so anyone will do.

The villain Spinner was in one of the lowest moments of his life when he was inspired by the dangerous goals of the Hero Assassin Stain. And even Tomura Shigaraki was once an innocent, hero-loving child who was rejected by everyone except All For One.

3 They always put themselves in dangermy hero academia 10 duras realidades de ser un villano 7

It goes without saying that being a villain requires risky activity that could cause harm to oneself, not to mention others. Even the noblest or most principled villains, like Gentle Criminal, openly put themselves in danger to further their ideals and achieve their goals. Whoever decides to become a villain in My Hero Academia you have to be prepared to fight for your life if you face the Pro Heroes, or even the occasional student still in training. In some cases, villains even lose their lives during battle.

2 They are always on the wrong side of the lawmy hero academia 10 duras realidades de ser un villano 8

Since they are dedicated to causing trouble and using their Quirks for their own personal gain, villains are frequently targeted by the authorities. The more notorious the villain is, the more attention he receives from the media and law enforcement agencies in the anime. With Tomura Shigaraki staging an all-out war against hero society in an attempt to turn the current status quo upside down, the villains are capturing the attention of law enforcement more than ever. When villains first appeared in the society of My Hero Academia, the authorities had to establish rules on the ethical and proper use of the Quirks.

1 They have to fight some of the strongest heroesmy hero academia 10 duras realidades de ser un villano 9

The biggest downside to being a villain is obviously the fact that you will be up against some of the strongest people in society. Pro Heroes emerged as a force to take on malicious people who used their Quirks to harm others, thus turning them into villains. For a long time, villain activity was at a low lows due to overwhelming pressure from All Might, an unprecedented hero who never lost a match during his career. With Deku poised to become the next Symbol of Peace, Tomura Shigaraki may have his hands full to enact his rebellion.