My Hero Academia: 10 Kindest Characters, Ranked

The cast ofMy Hero Academia It shows that in the world of professional heroes there are a wide variety of personalities and types of characters, and that not all are imitations of Superman or Batman. These professional heroes are people, after all, and they can’t help but be themselves while fighting, and the same goes for student heroes.

Professional heroes are expected to be charismatic, optimistic, selfless, and courageous, and to project a heroic personality while on duty. Some professional heroes, students, and civilian characters are definitely kinder and more compassionate than others. What characters in My Hero Academia Have you shown more kindness so far, and not just out of duty?

10 Kinoko Komori was quick to offer help to Fumikage

Kinoko Komori is powerful despite her small size and meek personality, and she and her teammates triumphed over Momo and Fumikage’s team during the joint training exercise. At the last moment, Kinoko knocked Fumikage down with fungus in his throat and lungs.

However, Kinoko was not malicious about it, and once the battle was over, Kinoko urgently offered medicine to help Fumikage recover faster. She was almost alarmed by her own power, and she just wanted Fumikage to get better. It is clear that you only fight out of duty, and not to enjoy hurting others.

9 Fuyumi Todoroki wants to keep her family togethermy hero academia 10 personajes mas amables clasificados 1

Fuyumi Todoroki is Shoto Todoroki’s older sister, appearing late in season four and in the middle of season five. Fuyumi is not a fighter, despite her impressive pedigree; She is a civilian and a school teacher, and being a teacher fits her compassionate and kind personality.

Fuyumi is determined to put her damaged family back together, showing nothing but hospitality to her little brother, her classmates, and her father when they visit her. Anyone would be encouraged to spend a few minutes with the devoted Fuyumi Todoroki.

8 Mandalay takes care of her nephew, Kotamy hero academia 10 personajes mas amables clasificados 2

Mandalay, from the Wild, Wild Pussycats, is an aunt who cares for her young nephew, the bitter Kota Izumi. Mandalay can act silly at times, like Ragdoll, but he is also a compassionate and selfless person.

Mandalay will do anything to cheer up or comfort his little nephew, and he is deeply saddened to see him angered by professional heroes and the fate of his own hero parents. Mandalay will also not hesitate to help others, either as a pro hero or an emotional support friend.

7 Tensei Iida always took care of Tenyamy hero academia 10 personajes mas amables clasificados 3

Tensei Iida, like Fuyumi, is a doting older brother who would do anything for his family. In this case, Tensei cares a lot for his brother Tenya. Tensei was already a seasoned professional hero when Tenya enrolled in the UA, and his hero name and suit clearly inspired Tenya’s. That’s how united the brothers are.

Tensei almost lost his life at the hands of Stain, the hero slayer, but his spirits remain intact, and he will share all kinds of encouraging and encouraging words for his dying brother, who still has a lot to learn. More professional heroes need a brother like Tensei.

6 Inko Midoriya wants only the best for her sonmy hero academia 10 personajes mas amables clasificados 4

Inko Midoriya is a rather protective single mother with her only son, Izuku. Inko was dismayed when Izuku learned of his Quirkless condition, but did her best to encourage him and give him a sense of belonging and validation despite not having any supernatural gifts.

That’s saying a lot, and even now, Inko is deeply distressed whenever Izuku is injured or announces his intention to fight powerful villains. Little by little, Inko is getting used to the fact that her son is always in danger of death. She supports you, no matter the risks.

5 Almighty puts others firstmy hero academia 10 personajes mas amables clasificados 5

All Might is an exemplary hero, to the point that he is very powerful and seemingly faultless. He is the symbol of peace that can inspire the masses and demoralize villains with his mere presence, but his radiant personality is not just for show. Speak from your heart, not just out of obligation.

All Might knows what it’s like to be born powerless, and he’s grateful for everything he has. He is almost a surrogate father to Izuku, believing in the boy and training him to become the next symbol of peace. He is very fond of Izuku, and Ochaco once compared him to a maid who wants to share her lunch with a lover. What a charmer.

4 Momo Yaoyorozu wants to help her friendsmy hero academia 10 personajes mas amables clasificados 6

Momo Yaoyorozu was born with a powerful mind, an ideal supportive Quirk, and great wealth, but none of that is going to be allowed. Momo defines herself not by the circumstances of her birth, but by her heroic actions and words, and it’s paying off.

Momo’s heart burns with passion as a trainee hero, and she will gladly share her experience with any partner in need. She was delighted that her classmates wanted to study with her, and she went out of her way to host the hospitality at home to tutor a handful of her classmates. She is like an older sister to them.

3 Ochaco Uraraka wants to support his parentsmy hero academia 10 personajes mas amables clasificados 7

Ochaco Uraraka is the girl from zero gravity, and has been a good friend to Izuku since they met. Ochaco comes from a humble background and has to work hard to get everything he has, including his position in Class 1-A. He does not take anything, or anyone, for granted.

Ochaco always puts others first, especially his parents, and wants to be a professional hero to support them financially. She is a wonderfully kind target, and Ochaco is also a very empathetic and supportive friend to all of her peers, especially Tsuyu Asui. Also, he adores Eri like a little sister.

2 Mirio Togata was named for his desire to save peoplemy hero academia 10 personajes mas amables clasificados 8

There’s a good reason Mirio Togata, of the Big Three, calls himself Lemillion. He wants to save a million people as a hero and has even printed that number on his hero suit to show his determination. Mirio is a devastating hero in close combat, but he is incredibly tender to his friends and allies.

Mirio has an exceptional personality, and swears by his life that he will rescue young Eri from Overhaul no matter what, and sacrifices his Quirk in the effort. Mirio will always put others first and is also very empathetic.

1 Izuku Midoriya has a big heartmy hero academia 10 personajes mas amables clasificados 9

The protagonist himself, Izuku Midoriya, is the kindest and most serious character in the series. He, and other shonen heroes like Tanjiro Kamado, prove that shonen protagonists need more than just fighting strength and guts. They also need a big heart, or else all their strength is useless.

Izuku, like Ochaco and All Might, is grateful for everything he has, and is a selfless and courageous fighter who never breaks his word. He has vowed to save everyone who needs him as a symbol of peace in the making, from his classmates to Eri and beyond, and is incredibly empathetic and kind to others. He is famous for crying quickly, like Tanjiro, and that shows how much he cares.