My Hero Academia: 10 Most Immature Villains, Ranked

My Hero Academia envision a future based on Quirks in which almost everyone is born with supernatural gifts, but not everyone is responsible for these Quirks. Many desperate or frustrated people and bitter outcasts turn to villainy to get ahead, and can strongly identify with it, including his villain outfit and Quirk.

Villains are almost as diverse as heroes in terms of personality, their Quirks, their backstory, and their worldview, and while some villains are mature and sophisticated, like All For One, other villains are just plain brats or have bad character, and they rarely act their age. They often act like grown kids or cranky teenagers, and sometimes, they’re actually teenagers who are growing up pretty bad. Who are the most immature villains of all?

10 Re-Destro gets carried away sometimes

For the most part, the well-dressed villain Re-Destro of the Meta Liberation Army is quite a mature and well-educated person, but if provoked or angered, that can change. Re-Destro is known to use sudden and brutal force to punish his subordinates or simply to vent his frustration or anger.

Even if someone is a villain, it doesn’t mean they should use violence on their loyal allies. Villains are supposed to be heroes to others, and sometimes, Re-Destro’s hidden immature side contradicts that idea. However, you may regret your actions later on.

9 Curious gets careless when someone interests hermy hero academia 10 villanos mas inmaduros clasificados 1

Curious is an executive member of the League of Villains and, like Re-Destro, he is primarily a mature and well-behaved person, although he has his reckless side, and that can cost him. When a fascinating person like Himiko Toga catches Curious’s attention, she becomes obsessed like an astonished child.

Curiosa could fight with her explosive Quirk, but in her battle against Himiko, she got carried away and was left vulnerable, and Himiko Toga took advantage of it. By the end of the battle, Curious had paid for his curiosity with his life.

8 Overhaul believes that everything belongs to himmy hero academia 10 villanos mas inmaduros clasificados 2

On the outside, the powerful villain Overhaul looks perfectly mature and grown-up, with his calm and sophisticated dialogue, and his cool outfit and all. He was born and raised to be a Yakuza boss, and brats and youngsters can’t handle that responsibility. However, Overhaul has his immature side.

Overhaul has the arrogant and childish opinion that everything he wants is his by right, and he clings possessively to his Yakuza status, his henchmen, and most of all, young Eri. He didn’t let her go until Mirio Togata and Izuku tore her from their selfish fingers in battle.

7 He likes to play dumb twicemy hero academia 10 villanos mas inmaduros clasificados 3

The villain Twice has serious emotional scars that explain, but do not necessarily justify, his eccentric behavior. Twice suffered the effects of his own Quirk, desperately wondering if he was the real Twice or just a clone. Hard to tell when there’s a whole room of him to deal with.

Twice is somewhat more stable when he wears his villain outfit, which covers his face. Even so, he is known for his goofy outbursts and boyish demeanor, and he even has a ridiculous sound as his smartphone ringtone.

6 Spinning dreams of being a bummy hero academia 10 villanos mas inmaduros clasificados 4

Spinner is a reptilian member of the League of Villains, and while he has a noble side, like his unwillingness to harm innocents, he’s a villain to the bone, and he’s not afraid to show it. Spinner has an absolute fixation on Stain and emulates him to the best of his ability. Spinner doesn’t bother to have his own identity.

Also, Spinner sometimes dreams of being a lazy guy who can do whatever he wants all day long, with no Quirk rules or superheroes keeping him at bay. He is almost like a NEET, except that his contribution to the League could be considered a form of work.

5 Mustard thinks he can play with peoplemy hero academia 10 villanos mas inmaduros clasificados 5

The lesser villain known as Mustard likely gets his name from the German mustard gas attacks in WWI, and uses his gas Quirk to support his fellow villains in battle. It engulfed an entire forest in this noxious gas, threatening classes 1-A and 1-B.

Mustard is about 14 years old, and he also acts like one. The mere fact of having a decent Quirk and a revolver at hand made him arrogant and conceited in battle, and he played Itsuka Kendo and Tetsutetsu like a bully until those heroes-in-formation turned the tables on him. He’s just a boy playing war.

4 Himiko Toga is a blood-loving stalkermy hero academia 10 villanos mas inmaduros clasificados 6

Himiko Toga is a shapeshifting villain who appeared alongside the flames villain Dabi to bolster the League’s ranks, quickly establishing herself as a type of deadly yandere. This troubled young woman loves the taste of blood, and is obsessed with stalking and emulating her personal heroes, including Stain and Izuku.

Himiko has a twisted and perverse view of love, and she will make anyone pay the price if it means getting that “love” for her. She is capricious, cruel and self-centered at all times, which marks her as a girl who refuses to grow up and take responsibility for her own life.

3 Gigantomachia quickly loses his nervesmy hero academia 10 villanos mas inmaduros clasificados 7

Appearances are deceptive, but not in the case of Gigantomachia. This anime giant is as brutal and simple-minded as he looks, speaking like a cartoon orc or fantasy goblin, though he’s actually human. It can be polite, but that can change at any time.

Gigantomachia’s mind and personality are simple and forceful, and he will quickly lose his temper and make fun of others if they do not cooperate with him or annoy him. He is valued as a large bodyguard, not as a friend or a strategist.

2 La Brava refused to grow and collapsedmy hero academia 10 villanos mas inmaduros clasificados 8

In her school years, La Brava tried to be an ordinary member of society, but that soon fell apart when her peers mocked and excluded her, so she retired to her bedroom and refused to go out. She closed in on herself and refused to draw strength from the difficulties she faced. That’s not good.

So, he discovered a new idol: Gentle Criminal. They became allies, and La Brava endlessly facilitated Gentle’s little criminal career. When Gentle lost to Izuku, La Brava panicked like a child and began to cry. He had his reasons for it, given his emotional scars, but he was still remarkably childish.

1 Tomura Shigaraki was called man-boymy hero academia 10 villanos mas inmaduros clasificados 9

It’s never flattering to be called “man-boy”, and this term is used to describe the mighty Tomura Shigaraki. Despite his leadership position and powerful decaying Quirk, Tomura has a lot to mature, and his deep emotional scars don’t help either.

Tomura is quick to throw a tantrum and blame others whenever something goes wrong, and recklessly dreams of taking over the world and treating it as his personal playground. He is an angry and lost child who wants everything, and that immature attitude makes him more dangerous, not less. However, in recent episodes he has matured a bit.