My Hero Academia: 10 Most Intrepid Students, Ranked

My Hero Academia describes a world in which superheroes are government licensed professionals, not inmate vigilantes or aliens, and in which entire schools are dedicated to training the next generation of professional heroes. UA is one of those schools, and it is home to some of the most promising student-heroes in all of Japan.

Apprentice heroes are expected to have many qualities and abilities, from cooperation and teamwork to strategic thinking, charisma, and a combat-oriented or support-based Quirk. However, these student-heroes vary more in their personalities, with some being cautious and others downright reckless or reckless. But which student-heroes are the most daring and fearless of all? They jump into danger without hesitation.

10 Saiko Intelli charged at Momo when he got the chance

Overall, high IQ girl Saiko Intelli is a supportive hero and strategist, preferring to set traps and outwit her opponents rather than jump straight into the fight. However, he also has his ruthless and fearless side, and Momo Yaoyorozu proved this during the provisional hero exam.

Momo and her friends broke free from Saiko’s trap, so Saiko pounced on Momo and locked herself in a room with her, intending to eliminate Momo herself. It was a bold move for Saiko to make a move when she was outnumbered four to one, but she did. He went for it, and it almost worked.

9 Tsuyu Asui will face the villains alone if necessarymy hero academia 10 estudiantes mas intrepidos clasificados 1

Tsuyu Asui, the frog girl, is best known for her patient, mature personality and tactical skills, and she’s not usually the type to rush into battle and take on dozens of enemies at once. However, he is capable of acting boldly and boldly if the situation calls for it, as one filler episode demonstrated.

Selkie, the professional hero, fell into a trap, and Sirius was not a fighter, so it fell to Tsuyu to hunt down Innsmouth, the villain, and confront him, despite his relative inexperience. Tsuyu kept Innsmouth busy until Selkie broke free from the trap and arrived to finish the fight.

8 Tenya Iida launches into battle when the time comesmy hero academia 10 estudiantes mas intrepidos clasificados 2

In terms of personality and fearlessness in battle, Tenya Iida, the running hero, is more or less similar to Tsuyu Asui. He prefers discipline and strategy to reckless aggressiveness, but when the time comes, he leaps into action, especially since he has a Quirk geared toward close combat.

Tenya isn’t afraid of being the main fighter on his team and taking on all opponents himself, and he relies on his teammates to cover for him when the action heats up. He also recklessly pursued Stain, the hero slayer, but that was him being fearless in a bad way.

7 Seiji Shishikura faced countless enemies and wonmy hero academia 10 estudiantes mas intrepidos clasificados 3

Several Shiketsu High School students appeared in the story, and two of them fearlessly faced many enemies at once and triumphed, proving how safe they are with their Quirks. One of them was Seiji Shishikura, a stern boy who can turn his enemies into meatballs just by touching them with the remote control meat.

He’s a strange and disturbing Quirk, but it pays off, and Seiji has nerves of steel even when facing a handful of powerful foes at once, like Katsuki Bakugo and Denki Kaminari. It seems that nothing will make you falter.

6 Inasa Yoarashi gladly faces all rivalsmy hero academia 10 estudiantes mas intrepidos clasificados 4

Inasa Yoarashi is another brave and fearless student of Shiketsu, and he’s even more powerful than Seiji, and certainly more outgoing. Inasa maintains a fierce rivalry with Shoto Todoroki, and the two boys bravely confronted Gang Orca and nearly overwhelmed him in scorching winds.

Inasa, like Seiji, is also willing to take on many enemies at once, and to attract attention while doing so. He knocked out dozens of opponents in the provisional hero exam without hesitation, and would do it again if given the chance. He is not afraid of any challenge.

5 Shoto Todoroki is not afraid of any enemymy hero academia 10 estudiantes mas intrepidos clasificados 5

Shoto Todoroki had some negative character traits at first, but cowardice wasn’t one of them. Shoto ranks among the mightiest student heroes of all with that Fire / Ice Quirk, and so he has little to fear from most foes. You can take on almost anyone and win.

Shoto leaned on that Quirk for a while, but then he faced some really powerful foes, like Izuku and Bakugo, during the United States sports festival, and was outnumbered during the provisional hero license exam. He’s still bold and fearless, but a little more humble and mature about it.

4 Ochaco Uraraka was inspired by Izukumy hero academia 10 estudiantes mas intrepidos clasificados 6

Ochaco Uraraka sees Izuku, aka Deku, as his role model, his personal All Might. She has learned to be brave and determined by following Izuku’s example, and she proved it in her fight against the mighty Katsuki Bakugo. Ochaco lost that match, but she was really fearless and fearless.

Ochaco also took on the villainous Himiko Toga with pistol head martial arts, a truly fearless move, and also boarded an escaped plane to capture his cargo before the villains could escape with him. She was a truly fearless hero that day, and everyone was impressed.

3 Izuku Midoriya won’t hesitate to rescue whoever needs itmy hero academia 10 estudiantes mas intrepidos clasificados 7

Shonen protagonist Izuku Midoriya himself has many positive qualities, most notably his fearless bravery. In fact, Izuku’s heroic bravery is what inspired All Might to award him the One for All after a workout. If Izuku wasn’t so brave, the story would have turned out very differently.

Despite being Quirkless at the time, Izuku charged in to save his friend Katsuki Bakugo from a slimy villain, and countless times on My Hero Academia, Izuku proved to be a fearless and decisive hero worthy of One For All. He will even face Overhaul without hesitation if it is to save Eri.

2 Mirio Togata has left all fear behindmy hero academia 10 estudiantes mas intrepidos clasificados 8

The mighty Mirio Togata has a radiant and inspiring personality, and is not afraid of any enemies. Like Shoto, Mirio has the advantage of incredible combat power to boost her confidence, and like Izuku, she knows what it’s like to persist in the face of extreme difficulties. This is not the time to fear or doubt.

Mirio aims to save a million people, hence his hero name, Lemillion, and while he’s not totally reckless, he’s also incredibly brave and proactive and will take on absolutely any enemy to save the day. He also faced 18 students from Class 1-A alone, fearlessly confident that he could win. And he did.

1 Katsuki Bakugo is not even afraid of the forcemy hero academia 10 estudiantes mas intrepidos clasificados 9

Katsuki Bakugo stands out for his many unpleasant personality traits, but at least cowardice is not among them. Indeed, he is fearless and fearless to the point of brutality, and will gladly take on any foe to prove himself worthy of becoming the new No. 1 Hero. Even All Might himself won’t make Bakugo hesitate.

Bakugo thought that he could face All Might alone and fearlessly gave his best. Even when All Might had a hold of him, Bakugo kept fighting, emphasizing attack over defense. So during the joint training exercise, Bakugo bravely faced the Class 1-B team with himself as the protagonist.