My Hero Academia: 10 Most Unique Villain Costume Designs, Ranked

The costumes in the world of My Hero Academia are used by both heroes and villains. The costumes function as a means to protect your identity from the general public, as well as to display your respective characters. The costume designs are intended to reflect the style of each hero and villain and offer help or support to their Quirks.

In some cases, a hero or villain’s final costume can feel a bit odd, but that’s because they are modified to ensure that their Quirks perform to their full potential or to match the image desired by their users.

10 Shie Hassaikai’s Plague Doctor Puppet

The villain costume of this member of the Shie Hassaikai is a small bodysuit with a plague doctor mask. The particularity of this costume is that it makes Joi Irinaka look almost like a harmless stuffed animal, with chubby legs and a small stature. However, this costume is misleading, as Joi Irinaka is actually a tall, muscular man.

His villain outfit allows Joi to fully utilize her Quirk. The Quirk, Mimicry, allows Joi, or Mimic, to fuse both his body and his mind into one object. This gives you the ability to control the object as if it were your own body.

9 Mr. Compress, the always stylish wizardmy hero academia 10 disenos de trajes de villanos mas singulares clasificados 1

Mr. Compress has one of the most stylish villain costumes on this list. His costume consists of a brown coat, boots, gloves, buttoned shirt, bolo tie, top hat, cane, and mask. Although Mr. Compress’s villain costume doesn’t seem to have any direct benefit or support system for his Quirk, it does help improve his image.

As a former artist, Mr. Compress’s villain tactics and Quirk have a magical touch. His costume serves not only to aid his magician mystique, but also to protect his identity from the general public.

8 The man who wears his hands as an accessorymy hero academia 10 disenos de trajes de villanos mas singulares clasificados 2

Tomura Shigaraki’s initial villain costume created a lasting impression on UA ​​students and fans alike. My Hero Academia. His grotesque costume consists of a long dark coat and 14 embalmed hands located on his arms, shoulders, head and face. Each hand belonged to important people, who were killed by the Quirk of Tomura when it first manifested.

This villain costume is undeniably unique due to Tomura’s emotional attachment to the hands he wears on his body. His emotional attachment, coupled with the disturbing nature of wearing disembodied body parts, makes this costume unique.

7 Nine multifunctional villain costumemy hero academia 10 disenos de trajes de villanos mas singulares clasificados 3

Nine’s villain costume consists of a light purple jacket and pants, which is not the most original outfit. However, what makes Nine’s suit stand out is the mask, chest plate, and support items that it wears. Nine’s mask covers the lower half of his face with zippers on his forehead.

The mask is fused with a chest plate with two dark cylinders protruding from his shoulder blades. These items were more than just a strange fashion choice, as they released a drug-like substance that would heal Nine when he overused his Quirks. Support items also increase its offensive power and allow it to function for a long period of time.

6 The villain voluntarily wears a straitjacketmy hero academia 10 disenos de trajes de villanos mas singulares clasificados 4

This villain costume is one of the darkest and most disturbing, and it perfectly fits the terrifying Quirk and the personality of his villain. Moonfish, with the ability to turn his teeth into malleable and powerful blades, is one of the strongest villains in the League of Villains. He is also known for having a devious demeanor and an obsession with consuming meat.

It stands to reason that his villain costume consists of a dark straight jacket with red spikes and multiple metal clamps that force him to open his mouth. This outfit creates a haunting face, perfect for Moonfish’s dark personality.

5 Himeko Toga’s Transformation Suitmy hero academia 10 disenos de trajes de villanos mas singulares clasificados 5

Himeko Toga’s villain outfit is mainly made up of a high school uniform, with some additions such as a utility belt and leg bags. This is because you don’t need a suit for your villain character. With her transformation Quirk, Himeko can transform into anyone once she consumes his blood. The duration of the transformation depends on the amount of blood you consume. Therefore, what makes her villain outfit unique is her supporting object.

He wears a black mask with metal pieces in the shape of a carnivorous smile. It also has three silver jars glued to the sides of the mask, with needles sticking out of their tips and wires at their bases; They connect to the two larger cylinders attached to the back of your belt. All this helps him to obtain blood for his transformations.

4 Twice Rocks El body completomy hero academia 10 disenos de trajes de villanos mas singulares clasificados 6

Twice or Jin Bubaigawara’s villain outfit is a complete outfit. It is black, with some gray trim on the top of the head, boots, and stripes that form a T and a W on the body. He also has a red bracelet on each wrist. With his Double Quirk, Twice is able to make copies of himself and others. Although he no longer creates clones of himself, his costume reinforces his quirky character and protects his identity.

However, his costume is unique for another reason. Due to his Quirk, Twice suffers from a personality disorder. In order not to lose your sense of yourself or “unfold”, you must keep your entire face covered. So the Twice suit is not only unique in its design, but also in its ability to keep it “whole.”

3 The Flect Turn costume is eye-catching and functionalmy hero academia 10 disenos de trajes de villanos mas singulares clasificados 7

Flect Turn, an antagonist from the film My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission has a unique character design. Although his bright blue skin may be one of the most unique aspects of his appearance, this villain also sports an equally unusual villain outfit. Flect Turn wears a red robe with a utility belt and two glove-shaped prosthetics accompanied by fingers. He also wears gray pants and combat boots.

Flect also wears a white tunic with a high, oval neck, and both are fitted with blue opal discs that function as support elements. The discs are capable of reflecting incoming attacks from Quirks and other sources such as lasers. Some discs are even mobile thanks to their utility belt, making your villain outfit a unique design and a powerful boost to your quirk.

2 Villain dressed as a true gentlemanmy hero academia 10 disenos de trajes de villanos mas singulares clasificados 8

Dressed in a flamboyant deep purple jacket with an elongated collar and skirts, Gentle Criminal’s dress code is what sells his villain personality. Desiring to make his name go down in history and inspire others with his videos, Danjuro Tobita takes villain actions while remaining a complete gentleman.

His clothing seems inspired by the image of a Victorian man, with a jacket, striped trousers, double belts, gloves, a scarf and a curved cane. His villain outfit doesn’t seem to help his elasticity Quirk. Fortunately, he completes his internet famous villain character, Gentle Criminal.

1 Man wrapped in mobile bandagesmy hero academia 10 disenos de trajes de villanos mas singulares clasificados 9

Hoyo Makihara or Mummy, is a villain who worked with Nine in the movie My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising . His villain costume consists of a dark gray combat vest with multiple pockets, dark skinny pants with knee pads, fingerless gloves, belt, and leg bags. However, what is most unique about this villain costume are the maroon bandages that wrap around his body, exposing only the fingertips and the area around the eyes.

The Mummy Quirk allows him to manipulate bandages to trap his opponents or use them as weapons. The bandages he wears not only serve to hide his identifiable facial features, but also as a supportive element, making him a force to be reckoned with.