My Hero Academia: 10 Oddities of the Most Unique Heroes, Ranked

In the world of the popular anime My Hero Academia, individuality is defined by the peculiarities that each person can use. It is not always a good thing, since they are not all the same. Those who are unlucky enough to be born with a villain quirk, or worse yet, without it, are at a great disadvantage.

For better or for worse, the progress of rarities and their evolution through genetics has resulted in colorful characters. Some of the abilities they possess are similar to superpowers that comic book fans may have encountered before. Others are much more surprising and unusual.

10 Sir Nighteye’s foresight is an incredibly powerful weapon

Precognition is not a hard power to find among fictional characters. People have always been fascinated by the concept of destiny and knowing their own future, so it is logical that characters appear that fill that need. On MHA, the only character who has that power is Sir Nighteye.

Its Foresight quirk is unique in that it gives you the ability to see the future of the people you touch. It is an ability that has seriously affected his life and personality, but it is incredibly powerful nonetheless.

9 Pixie Bob’s ground flow can create huge beastsmy hero academia 10 rarezas de los heroes mas singulares clasificadas 1

It is not uncommon to see fictional characters manipulating the elements, but the degree to which they can do so varies greatly. Pixie Bob’s case is something unique. This primarily rescue-oriented Wild Pussycats heroine can use her Earth Flow quirk to mold the earth into any shape she wants. Not only is it capable of causing huge avalanches, but it can create gigantic earth beasts that can fight for it.

8 Ectoplasm can become a massive clone of itselfmy hero academia 10 rarezas de los heroes mas singulares clasificadas 2

Even in the world of My Hero Academia, cloning quirks are valued. Twice’s quirk Double is so terrifying that it has the potential to bring down countries. The Ectoplasm Pro Hero has a similar ability, but it comes with a twist. Unlike Twice, whose quirk allows him to create infinite copies of himself, Ectoplasm is limited to just thirty, or one gigantic version. The huge clone is powerful enough to destroy buildings, and its bite can easily trap opponents – or most likely, make it worse.

7 Blood manipulation is a hero quirk straight out of a vampire animemy hero academia 10 rarezas de los heroes mas singulares clasificadas 3

The name of Sekijiro Kan’s hero Vlad King is very appropriate, as his quirk, Blood Manipulation, looks like something out of a vampire anime like Hellsing. He wears a glove that he can expel his own blood, which he then uses to attack his opponents or protect his allies. Normally, this type of ability would have the obvious disadvantage of being able to bleed out, but Vlad’s quirk makes him immune to that limitation.

Fans still have a lot of questions about the class 1-B teacher. It is not clear if he can manipulate the blood of others as he does his own. Himiko Toga also has a blood-based quirk, which makes fans wonder if blood quirks aren’t that uncommon. They may have simply been considered too villains to be accepted among heroes, and Vlad King is the only exception.

6 The mastery of materials by the best Juanistas is no laughing mattermy hero academia 10 rarezas de los heroes mas singulares clasificadas 4

The manipulation of the cloth is not unheard of as a superpower, but it is unusual and interesting. Characters like the Gypsy Moth from Marvel they are not common even in the great pantheon of comic book heroes. Jeanist’s Best Fiber Master skill is becoming more specific and unique. He can manipulate threads of any type of material, using them as weapons or to bind his enemies. As a curiosity, the fabric that best suits its peculiarity is denim. As All for One points out, quirk requires a lot of finesse, which makes Jeanist’s dominance over it all the more remarkable.

5 Oboro Shirakumo could create much stronger clouds than it appearedmy hero academia 10 rarezas de los heroes mas singulares clasificadas 5

Eraserhead’s friend, Oboro Shirakumo, also had an unusual quirk. His Cloud ability allowed him to create clouds, which he could use to fly, transport other people, or even protect them from falling debris. The versatility of this ability gave him great potential as a new hero in the making. Unfortunately, Oboro died during his Hero studies, and his corpse was used as the basis for the nomu Kurogiri.

4 Cementoss’s ability to manipulate cement makes him the perfect teacher for young heroesmy hero academia 10 rarezas de los heroes mas singulares clasificadas 6

Considering all the destruction that occurs regularly in the UA, fans may wonder what budget the school of heroes has to cover all the expenses. Fortunately, some of the expenses are covered thanks to the existence of Cementoss. The hero appears in the form of a humanoid-looking cinder block and has the ability to manipulate any type of cement-like material.

It’s a skill that’s certainly very useful in urban combat, though for the most part, Cementoss seems focused on his job as a teacher. Perhaps with all the time you have to spend rebuilding, you can do nothing else.

3 Edgeshot can transform his own limbs into ropesmy hero academia 10 rarezas de los heroes mas singulares clasificadas 7

The Ninja Hero: Edgeshot is the current professional hero number four. His Foldabody quirk allows him to transform his limbs into sharp ropes, a skill he demonstrated during the Kamino Incident against both Kurogiri and a low-level nomu. It’s a very unusual superpower and, coupled with Edgeshot’s incredible speed, makes the Pro Hero an incredible threat to villains.

2 The Quirk of Wash is not a super power that no one would expect a hero to havemy hero academia 10 rarezas de los heroes mas singulares clasificadas 8

Of all the quirks present in the world of Pro Heroes, Wash’s is one of the most unexpected and unusual. Using your Quirk Clean Bubbler, you can create soapy water of your own body. The jet is strong enough to keep falling people aloft and make them float in the air. This may not seem very special, but professional hero Wash is excellent at it, so much so that he has become professional hero number eight.

1 One for all is the only known rarity of the reservesmy hero academia 10 rarezas de los heroes mas singulares clasificadas 9

Unlike other quirks, the One for All is not inherited by genetics. It is a torch passed down from generation to generation and cultivated by each of its heirs. As Izuku discovers, it also carries the nuances and quirks of previous One for All users. Izuku’s mentor All Might may not have been able to use him to his full potential, but Izuku is now discovering all he can do.