My Hero Academia: 10 professional heroes, ranked by their maturity

Becoming a Professional Hero is a goal that almost everyone aspires to in My Hero Academia, even those who are born without a Quirk, as is the case with Izuku. It is a highly desired position as professionals gain public notoriety and the license to use their Quirk whenever they deem it necessary. However, despite being such a desired position, it also has its drawbacks, and they are not immune from public scrutiny, as seen after the Paranormal Liberation War.

Being one of the best Pro Heroes is not an easy task. It certainly helps to be mature enough to become a hero for the right reasons and sensible enough not to panic in the face of danger. However, some Pro Heroes are only loved due to the nature of their Quirk or their design, rather than their overall maturity as a hero.

10 Mt. Lady constantly damages property with her weirdness and can be incredibly malicious

At one point, the Monte Dama takes advantage of its good looks to get free things, and it is easy to dismiss it as superficial. In reality, you are constantly in debt from all the collateral damage you have caused by using your Enlargement Quirk, which is doing you no favors.

If she were mature enough to understand that her Quirk causes too much damage to be used reliably, she could work towards finding a less harmful way to help civilians while in crowded areas. Also, she is often seen in fights with Midnight for her public image.

9 The current microphone brings a fun and upbeat personality but is not very maturemy hero academia 10 heroes profesionales clasificados por su madurez 1

The current Mic is an eccentric hero who often acts as a radio host, and shines the brightest when in front of large crowds of people. However, he also has a habit of continuing with this character even if the audience in question is not receptive or is visibly upset.

He’s also not the best fighter, though his intense sound waves can repel enemies as well as deactivate weaker sonic-type Quirks, such as Kyoka’s. Actually, he is noted to have a sharp intellect, as he is the first to suspect a traitor within UA and to explain his reasons, but it is not in the foreground of his personality often.

8 Endeavor is a strong fighter but treats his family badlymy hero academia 10 heroes profesionales clasificados por su madurez 2

Endeavor starts out as hero number two, right behind All Might, and later number one, for a reason. He’s incredibly powerful and durable, and his hero ideology is actually quite similar to All Might’s, which is one of the reasons they’re such fierce rivals at one point.

However, Endeavor falters when it comes to relationships. He prefers to speak things with his fists rather than with any attempt at communication, and this includes his family, even his wife and children.

7 Midnight acts immature but has a surprisingly smart sidemy hero academia 10 heroes profesionales clasificados por su madurez 3

Midnight is often referred to as the R-rated heroine within the series, which makes perfect sense given her hero costume design, as well as her hero persona. As her Quirk revolves around using scent to lull others to sleep, she often draws on the more flirtatious nature of her power to trick others into letting their guard down.

Actually, Midnight is quite smart and is able to logically debate why some hero suits show more skin to do his job more efficiently. However, he also has a catish side that can come out around other mature-themed heroes, as seen with Mt. Lady.

6 All Might is the undisputed symbol of peace, but he tends to dance around heavier themes with Izukumy hero academia 10 heroes profesionales clasificados por su madurez 4

At the beginning of My Hero Academia, All Might is the undisputed Symbol of Peace for good reason. He is capable of saving countless people from dangerous situations, with a smile painted on his face all the time, helping the general public to feel calm despite the regular threat of villain attacks.

However, he falters a bit in the way he decides to handle his mentor-student relationship with Izuku at times. There are times when she has the perfect opportunity to bring up something of great importance with the boy – and she should – but she shuts up because she doesn’t want to burden him. He should be able to realize that hiding such important things will only burden Izuku further.

5 Gran Torino is not only capable of training everyone, but of helping Izuku change his way of seeing his weirdnessmy hero academia 10 heroes profesionales clasificados por su madurez 5

Gran Torino is All Might’s former teacher, although his former student has noted that he taught more with his fists than anything else, to the point that All Might is visibly scared at the mention of it. Fortunately, his teaching style isn’t all muscle strength without any brains behind it, as he is shown helping Izuku completely rethink his thinking about his Quirk in order to make better use of it. He is also shown to have a playful side when he first meets Izuku, pretending to be an old man with memory problems and then taking Izuku completely by surprise.

4 Nana Shimura passes the torch of “one for all” to all powers and inspires her signature practice of smiling when saving othersmy hero academia 10 heroes profesionales clasificados por su madurez 6

Nana is an incredibly kind heroine who also has a strong sense of justice, two traits that she conveys to All Might without fail. Nana is also the architect of All Might developing the character of “always smiling, even in the face of danger” for which he has become so famous.

She is capable of being empathetic and emotionally resilient, as she believed that people’s hearts had to be protected along with their lives. She is an ideal mentor who made All Might what it is.

3 Thirteen is aware of the life-threatening nature of his weirdness and is not afraid to risk his life to protect the studentsmy hero academia 10 heroes profesionales clasificados por su madurez 7

Thirteen possesses one of the most dangerous Quirks that a Pro Hero can display, the one from Black Hole. Anything she points her finger at will disintegrate into dust, and this includes people or even herself if she is somehow pointed at.

Due to the utterly volatile nature of her Quirk, she has to be incredibly careful during rescue missions and keep her head level or she could risk disintegrating an innocent civilian or teammate. The fact that she is able to handle such a stressful Quirk and use it properly shows just how mature she is.

2 Eraserhead is stern but has a heart of gold and doesn’t care about famemy hero academia 10 heroes profesionales clasificados por su madurez 8

At first glance, Eraserhead looks like a cold and listless teacher, with excessively high expectations and a stern, imposing demeanor. While most of this turns out to be true, it is nowhere near as cold as it may sound.

In reality, he cares deeply for his students and will suffer serious injuries to protect them, even going so far as to insist that his students flee despite being captured by villains during the attack on the USJ. In addition, he is one of the only Pro Heroes who is seen completely unmotivated by fame, even avoiding simple interviews when possible, although he will speak on behalf of the UA if necessary.

1 Ingenuity is a hardworking and selfless hero who inspires scores of other heroes, including his younger brothermy hero academia 10 heroes profesionales clasificados por su madurez 9

Fans don’t get to see much of the original Ingenium hero’s work, other than Tenya raving about him in flashbacks, before he is cut off by Stain. Despite this, it is clear that he took what a true professional hero should be very much to heart and did everything he could to emulate him in his everyday life.

He’s more laid-back and carefree than Tenya, but he shows himself to be a cool hero who can be there whenever others need help. Although it is simple, it is one of the purest reasons to become a hero, and it takes a high level of maturity to live so selflessly without falling into boredom.