My Hero Academia: 10 rarities with the best designs

The oddities in My Hero Academia They are extremely similar to Gene X in X-Men, with the only difference being that most of the world has them. Most importantly, individuals with meta-abilities are celebrated rather than vilified. As of the most recent chapter of the manga, there are hundreds of known Quirks in My Hero Academia, and most of them fall into three main categories: heteromorphic, hybrid, and emissive.

Although most Quirks are ordinary and more or less forgettable, there are some that have incredibly unique designs. Additionally, specific wearers are able to manipulate their respective abilities in a wide range of styles, making them versatile and aesthetically pleasing.

10 Gentle Criminal’s elasticity is almost impossible to evade

Gentle Criminal’s Elasticity allows him to imbue any object he touches with elastic properties, manipulating the range and effectiveness of his skill with incredible precision.

This Quirk is particularly well designed because it is nearly impossible to evade, especially when it comes to untrained opponents like young Deku, although the latter eventually manages to break through Gentle’s tactics with a combination of brute force and persistence.

9 Gran Torino’s jet gives you both speed and incredible boostmy hero academia 10 rarezas con los mejores disenos 1

Like the Engine of Tenya Iida, the Quirk of Gran Torino allows it to move at high speed by propelling jets of air from the large pores on the soles of its feet. Although it seems like a complicated power to master, Torino is skilled and experienced in using the Jet to its fullest potential.

This Quirk is incredibly efficient, not only because of its impact on its wearer’s mobility, but also because Jet gives Torino the boost he needs to carry out offensive attacks without pause.

8 Seiji Shishikura’s meatball is morbidly fascinating for several reasonsmy hero academia 10 rarezas con los mejores disenos 2

Seiji Shishikura’s Ball of Meat is subjectively disgusting, as it allows him to reshape anything made of meat, be it his own body or that of his opponents. Beyond the horrifying effects of this Quirk, he is quite capable of handling Bakugo level fighters, which is why he is so terrifying during serious battles.

Most importantly, Shishikura is capable of creating a wide range of shapes and structures with the flesh he captures, making his Quirk a deadly force to be reckoned with.

7 The Kamui Woods Arbor is one of the most versatile tricks in the seriesmy hero academia 10 rarezas con los mejores disenos 3

Kamui Wood’s Arbor is incredibly pretty, but aesthetics aren’t the only aspect of its versatile Quirk. Despite being vulnerable to fire, Arbor is arguably one of the most efficient Quirks in all of history.

Kamui Woods uses it to capture targets, protect innocent bystanders, as well as attack villains with great force while simultaneously producing a barrier to ward off counterattacks. To top it off, Arbor also improves Wood’s movement speed by an exponential margin.

6 Best Jeanist’s fiber master weaves textile fibers into intricate spider websmy hero academia 10 rarezas con los mejores disenos 4

The Best Jeanista can technically control all fabrics with the Fiber Master, but tends to stick to denim because of its affinity for this material. This Quirk has very few drawbacks, largely because any opponent he faces is wearing some sort of clothing.

This allows Best Jeanist to extract an unlimited number of fibers from its environment, weaving them into complex and often unbreakable structures. On the other hand, the Fiber Master is useless against characters like All For One.

5 Lady Nagant’s rifle is unstoppable and allows her a huge range of attackmy hero academia 10 rarezas con los mejores disenos 5

Lady Nagant’s Quirk is claimed to be the most powerful long-range projectile ability in the series. In fact, its power is so incredible that it puts people like Snipe in check, a sniper with a devastating performance.

His rifle is basically a design extension of his body, as it emerges from his right arm, allowing him to access the weapon in any situation. Nagant’s terrifying power is manifested in the fact that his bullets are virtually unstoppable and have an enormous range.

4 Sunfish teeth are intimidating just because of how they lookmy hero academia 10 rarezas con los mejores disenos 6

Blade-Tooth is a rather intimidating Quirk just for its appearance, manifesting in the form of dozens of elongated swords protruding from Moonfish’s gums.

This ability allows the villain to maintain a safe distance from his enemies while continuing to unleash attacks without sacrificing any powers. Moonfish looks just as creepy as his Quirk, but his fights are almost always morbidly elegant so to speak.

3 Nine’s weather manipulation can, in theory, improve the weather on a global scalemy hero academia 10 rarezas con los mejores disenos 7

Nine’s overwhelming Quirk is both a blessing and a curse. Although it controls the weather with spectacular precision, its uncontrollable nature forces its wearer to live on the margins of society.

Nine can easily churn out storms, tornadoes, hailstorms, and basically any kind of weather effect you want, which theoretically means it can turn blizzards into warm rays of sunshine, or manifest the Northern Lights to illuminate gloomier skies. Unfortunately, Nine is not interested in the positive aspects of Time Manipulation.

2 Deku’s Fa Jin is a magnificent addition to his growing arsenal of odditiesmy hero academia 10 rarezas con los mejores disenos 8

Inherited from the unnamed Third User of One for All, Fa Jin is a magnificent addition to Deku’s growing arsenal of Quirks, all drawn from his predecessors. This ability allows its user to store potential energy within their body after generating it through body movements.

The greater the amount of accumulated energy, the more useful Fa Jin will be. Deku uses this Quirk to increase his agility to the point that he moves faster than Lady Nagant’s bullets.

1 All For One’s multi-circuit combo does the job it’s supposed to domy hero academia 10 rarezas con los mejores disenos 9

Considering the range of Quirks that All For One has at its disposal, it’s no wonder that you can fuse them into countless combinations depending on your opponents. Since you rarely need more than a couple of Quirks to defeat most Pro Heroes in Japan, All For One doesn’t reveal their Ultimate Combination of Quirks until their final battle with All Might.

This combo assimilates and integrates Quirks as diverse as Spear Bones, Hypertrophy, Spring Limbs, and Rivets, further enhancing their effect with the help of various power-ups, boosters, and multipliers. The end result seems to be taken from Akira (1988), but it does the job (and more).