My Hero Academia: 10 Smartest Villains, Ranked

Heroes are as great as the villains they face. This is something that comic book fans have long learned. Never have the Avengers shone more than in the confrontation against Thanos. Rivalries like Marvel’s Iron Man and the Mandarin or DC’s Batman and Joker always bring out the best and worst in everyone’s favorite characters.

My Hero Academia He reiterates that rule by pitting heroes, both young and old, against clever criminals who challenge and destroy everything around them. Even the All Might Peace Symbol has trouble crushing some of these cunning villains.

This article contains spoilers for the manga.

10 The Killer Spot of Heroes Reinforces Their Flawed Ideology with Shrewd Efficacy

The Killer Spot of Heroes – Chizome Akaguro – appears as the main villain in the anime and manga after the United States Sports Festival. He believes that the society of heroes is corrupted and that heroes tend to focus on spectacle and glory rather than saving people. The only hero he considers authentic is All Might. Originally, he works as a vigilante under the name Stendhal, but chooses the name Stain after starting his self-assigned mission to eliminate the world of false heroes.

His ideology has its flaws, as All Might himself relies on the show to create the Symbol of Peace. Still, Stain is ruthlessly efficient at hunting down heroes, using his Quirk Bloodcurdle in quick and cunning ambush attacks. Thanks to his extraordinary abilities, he kills seventeen heroes and seriously wounds twenty-four, the last being Tenya Iida’s brother, Tensei.

9 Mr. Compress hides his true intentions with a flick of the wristmy hero academia 10 villanos mas inteligentes clasificados 1

Spectacle and magician, Atsuhiro Sako uses his Quirk to compress anything he touches into a small marble ball. His versatile ability has allowed him to both capture enemies and rescue wounded allies. Mr. Compress uses his Quirk with great cunning, concealing his true intentions and often displaying decoy marbles to fool his opponents. During the Vanguard Action Squad’s attack, he kidnaps Katsuki Bakugou and Fumikage Tokoyami. The other young heroes try to save their friends, but are duped when they find out that Compress has had the marbles in his mouth the entire time.

8 Giran provides the League of Villains with information and new membersmy hero academia 10 villanos mas inteligentes clasificados 2

Although he is not the most dangerous villain in the world of la MHAGiran -Kagero Okuta- is undoubtedly among the most intelligent. His quirk, Muddiness, allows him to induce amnesia in his target, a tool he uses to great effect throughout his successful criminal career.

Information agent, he is the one who brings villains like Dabi and Himiko Toga to the League. He realizes the effects that Stain’s ideology will have on society. Skilled at supporting his fellow villains – for a price – he has a great understanding of the resources he provides. The underworld of hero society wouldn’t be so dangerous without him.

7 Re-Destro is a CEO of a company and a challenge for the League of Villainsmy hero academia 10 villanos mas inteligentes clasificados 3

Leader of the Meta Liberation Army, Re-Destro originally wishes to dismantle the League of Villains. He is able to correctly extrapolate that the League can no longer access nomu, his assumption is based solely on Dabi’s words and behavior after the High End attack on Endeavor, so he lures them to Deika City by kidnapping Giran.

After losing to Tomura Shigaraki, he becomes one of the leaders of the Paranormal Liberation Front and Shigaraki’s lieutenant. When he is not leading an army prepared to overthrow the society of heroes, he is a CEO of the Detnerat company, which he uses as a front for his criminal activities.

6 Overhaul invents his strange bullets using Eri’s bloodmy hero academia 10 villanos mas inteligentes clasificados 4

The main villain of the fourth season of the anime, Kai Chisaki, is convinced that the Quirks are a plague on modern society. He wishes to eliminate them and, to do this, he turns his Quirk against the leader of the Shie Hassaikai, even though he sees the man as a father. Now in charge of the yakuza, he uses Eri’s blood to invent his bullets that erase the Quirk. He manipulates Eri into thinking her ability is a curse and uses it against the heroes trying to save her.

5 Tomura Shigaraki is one of the biggest threats heroes facemy hero academia 10 villanos mas inteligentes clasificados 5

Leader of the League of Villains, Tomura has been a preeminent threat from his first appearance at USJ. His confrontation with Eraserhead is unsuccessful for the hero, although Shota Aizawa manages to save his students thanks to a superhuman effort. Tomura shows more of his potential during the battle with Gigantomachia, and later with the Meta Liberation Army. Come up with a strategy based on the use of Gigantomachia against Re-Destro.

Unfortunately, his upbringing makes him too dependent on All For One. In the early seasons, he often needs Kurogiri to control his outbursts. Later, he becomes a tool and a container for All For One, so fans will never be able to know the true extent of his intelligence.

4 Dabi hides in plain sight to fight his abusive fathermy hero academia 10 villanos mas inteligentes clasificados 6

Dabi first appears as the leader of the Vanguard Action Squad. He successfully uses Twice’s doubles to distract Eraserhead and Vlad King, and sets the forest on fire using his Quirk, Cremation. This strategy, coupled with the help of other villains like Mr. Compress, leads to the success of Bakugou’s kidnapping operation. But it only really begins to shine after the fall of All For One, during the Paranormal Liberation Arc.

It then becomes apparent that he has been using the League of Villains the entire time to achieve his ultimate goal of defeating his abusive father, Endeavor. He hides his true psychotic personality behind a stoic facade, but does not particularly care for any of his allies. He manipulates Twice, forcing Hawks to kill him, which he then uses against the hero. His ruthless intelligence makes him a fearsome adversary.

3 The Hero’s Public Safety Commission is a group of villains who pretend to fight for the goodmy hero academia 10 villanos mas inteligentes clasificados 7

There is nothing more cunning for a villain than to convince everyone that he is a hero. The Heroes Public Safety Commission is the perfect example. An organization meant to oversee heroes and ensure the safety of the public, they are actually vicious and corrupt.

They use assassins like Lady Nagant to eliminate the innocent who stand in their way. After Lady Nagant defects, Pro Hero Hawks is molded into a similar tool, training him to be a double agent. Amoral and manipulative, this organization easily earns the right to be called a villain, even though they supposedly defend the forces of good.

2 All For One is a criminal mastermind and skilled manipulatormy hero academia 10 villanos mas inteligentes clasificados 8

The main antagonist of MHA, All For One is All Might’s greatest nemesis. His Quirk allows him to steal other people’s abilities, and throughout his long life, he creates an arsenal of expertly honed combat skills. Some of his stolen Quirks include Super-Regeneration, Air Cannon, Quest, Warp, and Life Force, and he can use them all at once.

But what makes him even more dangerous is his keen intellect and his ability to manipulate others. Successfully build a criminal empire spanning multiple generations. Raise Tenko Shimura to worship him, turning him into the villain Tomura Shigaraki and using him viciously against All Might. It’s all part of a long-term strategy that allows you to create the ultimate container for your consciousness: Tomura’s body.

1 Kyudai Garaki is the mad scientist behind All For One’s criminal empiremy hero academia 10 villanos mas inteligentes clasificados 9

Doctor Kyudai Garaki is only loyal to two things: his own insane experiments and the criminal empire of All For One. His Quirk, the Life Force, allows him to prolong his longevity, although the version he uses is a duplicate, not the original. Invent the monstrous nomu, twisted creations from more than one corpse.

It is believed that he used this process on his own grandson, Katsuki Bakugou’s childhood friend, known only as Tsubasa. He supports Tomura Shigaraki, but only to achieve his ultimate goal: to create a new vessel for All For One. His brilliance is only equaled by his utter madness.