My Hero Academia: 10 things Deku has taught his friends

The UA is an undoubtedly important institution in My Hero Academia. After all, his students are the central figures in anime. The most influential character is the story’s protagonist, Deku, who has helped to reshape the very concept of heroism at UA. He is full of encouragement and encouragement and almost always manages to save the day in the face of overwhelming danger.

His friends constantly learn from Deku’s thoughts, words, and actions, and many of them proceed to apply his principles of kindness and perseverance in their own lives. It’s safe to say that UA would have been completely wiped out if it didn’t have Deku as a literal guardian angel.

Manga spoilers below

10 Even the worst villains are not beyond redemption

Deku strongly believes in rehab: he expects those who make mistakes to learn from them and evolve, something he also demands of himself. He does not believe that villains are inherently evil and always strives to veer them onto the path of justice, occasionally succeeding as with Lady Nagant.

His sense of heroism is unaffected by failure. It just prompts you to try harder. Thanks to Deku, Shoto gradually understands the importance of forgiving his father when he begins to seriously try to redeem himself.

9 The heart is stronger when worn on the sleevemy hero academia 10 cosas que deku ha ensenado a sus amigos 1

Everyone, including All Might, has called Deku a crybaby, but no one really tries to stop him from expressing himself through tears. Although many of his friends, such as Tokoyami and Kyoka, remain as flat and impassive as ever, they are significantly moved by Deku’s emotional outbursts.

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is often perceived as a sign of weakness, but Deku subverts the idiom by revealing the strength of a spirit forged by his will and tempered in his tears.

8 Allies should always support each othermy hero academia 10 cosas que deku ha ensenado a sus amigos 2

Danger comes in myriad forms, and it’s completely understandable for heroes to flee from an enemy too powerful to be able to regroup and re-evaluate their combat process.

Deku understands the need to flee so he can live to fight another day, but this doesn’t work the same way in reality. Deku makes sure that his friends not only overcome their obstacles, but also support and reinforce each other, showing them that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

7 Growth comes from inner changemy hero academia 10 cosas que deku ha ensenado a sus amigos 3

Character growth is often poor in shonen anime, but Deku is a brilliant exception to the rule. He faces a world that once hated him for being Quirkless, shedding his initial insecurities and increasing his self-esteem by acting better and better with each passing day.

Adolescents on the cusp of adulthood are both the most in need of change and the most resistant to it, but the mere presence of Deku makes his friends realize the value of growth.

6 Power exists to protect othersmy hero academia 10 cosas que deku ha ensenado a sus amigos 4

The Bakugo Blast manifests as a young child, and from an early age he is praised for his Quirk and his potential as a future hero. This leads him to develop a huge ego and, by extension, a rigid faith in his personal strength.

Deku’s arrival in the United States messes with Bakugo’s inner world and forces him to accept his limitations. On the other hand, Deku doesn’t flaunt his Quirk once, but instead uses it to save people without expecting anything in return. Bakugo isn’t the only friend who learns to appreciate selflessness after watching Deku.

5 Whoever needs it will always be helpedmy hero academia 10 cosas que deku ha ensenado a sus amigos 5

Albus Dumbledore once said that “help will always be given … to those who ask for it”, but Deku is not the type to wait for people to ask a hero for help. In fact, he makes it clear that he intends to get involved in all scenarios that require the intervention of a hero.

Deku’s clarity of judgment and general wisdom dwarf that of most of the characters in My Hero Academia and they allow you to “impose” your aid on anyone you think is in grave danger. Deku’s actions effectively demonstrate the depth of his convictions.

4 Weakness can become strengthmy hero academia 10 cosas que deku ha ensenado a sus amigos 6

A character who starts out fragile and weak need not remain so throughout his entire story arc, and Deku is living proof of this claim.

Bakugo mocks him as “deku”, a nickname that refers to his supposed weakness, but Deku claims the word making it his hero name, suggesting that he prefers to see it as a contraction of “dekiru”, which means “can do” . Deku’s confidence in the legitimacy of his new identity rubs off on many characters, from Mineta Minoru to Ochaco Uraraka.

3 A hero is kind in the face of defeatmy hero academia 10 cosas que deku ha ensenado a sus amigos 7

Grace is undoubtedly one of the most essential aspects of a hero’s job, something that even many Pro Heroes seem to lack. Endeavor, in particular, is unable to overcome the uncertainty surrounding his place in the world and chooses to impose his doubts on his innocent children.

In comparison, Deku emits a radiant aura of generosity that bathes (and impresses) everyone who interacts with him. Deku does not allow something as impermanent as defeat to nullify his responsibilities.

2 Persistence is the key to victorymy hero academia 10 cosas que deku ha ensenado a sus amigos 8

Deku could well be the incarnation of the spider that Robert the Bruce supposedly found in medieval Scotland, which is inspired by the little arachnid’s tireless efforts to build his web. Deku is the first person to recognize the limits of his Quirk, especially considering that he has yet to fully acclimate to its overwhelming power.

Therefore, he bases the success of his battles on factors such as opponent analysis and a variety of countertrategies. Deku knows that his first try may not work, but the probability of victory increases with practice and experience. Most importantly, your efforts illustrate the art of perseverance to your friends.

1 Rarities are technically insignificantmy hero academia 10 cosas que deku ha ensenado a sus amigos 9

About 20% of Deku’s generation is said to be Quirkless, putting him in the vulnerable position of being a minority with no meta-ability to defend himself from an oppressive majority.

Although he acquires One for All, a Quirk beyond his dreams, Deku never forgets his history as part of the powerless. Part of his struggle to become a professional hero is based on his refusal to allow villains and bullies to harm innocent people, especially those who do not have Quirks.