My Hero Academia: 10 Things That Make No Sense About The League of Villains

The supervillains ofMy HeroAcademia have extraordinary characteristics, but many fans still have many questions about them. The evil creatures of the League of Villains may have tainted reputations, but they have fans of their own out there, and being a fan means valuing everything about beloved characters.

Members of the League of Villains are famous for their Quirks, which display their individual superpowers. All the inhabitants of the planet dream of having superpowers, but this is not always the case. Sometimes having powers can be a burden and attract unwanted results.

10 Why does everything for one have no face?

All for One has looked normal in the past, but after his battle with All Might, his face was considerably deformed and is now unrecognizable. He has a skull-shaped gas mask that covers his nose and mouth, helping him breathe, but he has no eyes. However, he can see through the Infrared Quirk, which he has stolen from a stranger.

The point is, if All For One possesses all the strong traits that make him so fearsome and powerful, why hasn’t he been able to heal his wounds? He can steal Quirks from anyone but he hasn’t found the power to mend his scars. Is it your choice or is there no power that can undo what has been done to your face?

9 Why can’t Dabi cry?my hero academia 10 cosas que no tienen sentido sobre la liga de villanos 1

Dabi is a guy who can shoot fireballs and generate flamethrower attacks, but apparently, he’s not completely immune to fire flames. His burns have destroyed his tear ducts, preventing him from crying.

For someone who has enhanced stamina and who can avoid serious injury, even when using his own powers too much, it seems quite strange that something could burn Dabi’s tear ducts. He could have formed a shield with the fireballs to protect himself or controlled the fireballs before they hit him.

8 Is Kendo Rappa Really Evil?my hero academia 10 cosas que no tienen sentido sobre la liga de villanos 2

Kendo Rappa, who is a member of the Eight Bullets is a great believer that everyone should fight without any weapons, only their bodily strength. He does have a code when it comes to fighting though, like when Red Riot got injured and decided to let him heal for his future fights.

It seems that the League of Villains has a member who believes in honor and does not like to win in an unfair situation. So Kendo Rappa is not evil enough to be called a supervillain, and perhaps deep down, he belongs to heroes.

7 Does Mustard Really Belong to the League of Villains?my hero academia 10 cosas que no tienen sentido sobre la liga de villanos 3

The members of the League of Villains are all ferocious creatures, but Mustard seems more of a lesser villain who could use a one-on-one session on how to be an evil supervillain. Just because his Quirk lets people sleep doesn’t mean he belongs in the big leagues.

In fact, most of the time he acts like an arrogant young man, like when he faced Itsuka Kendo and Tetsutetsu, he lost the battle and was arrested. Perhaps Mustard can use his time in jail to reflect on his actions and learn how to be a team player in future battles.

6 Is Himiko Toga’s Quirk Really Useful?my hero academia 10 cosas que no tienen sentido sobre la liga de villanos 4

Himiko Toga’s Quirk allows her to transform into anyone by drinking a significant amount of her blood. So it takes a long time to become the person you want and doesn’t seem like a useful Quirk in drastic situations.

Also, when he transforms into someone else, he gets that person’s Quirk. But, the trick to using any stolen Quirk is whether or not she can reach a certain level of emotional drive in order to fully become said person, so it seems that Himiko Toga needs to be able to control her emotions, and that doesn’t seem like be something he’s good at.

5 What Can Spinner Really Do?my hero academia 10 cosas que no tienen sentido sobre la liga de villanos 5

Spinner has shown decent tactical ability in close combat and is good at lifting heavy weapons. It has a surprising Quirk, but mostly in theory. Shuichi’s Quirk allows him to have a lizard-like appearance and abilities, and apart from sticking to walls, it doesn’t seem like Spinner can do anything else.

In addition to his Quirk, Spinner uses a special sword that is made from various knives, daggers, and other types of blades. What makes it special? Why is a lizard-like guy a member of the League of Villains?

4 Why doesn’t the sunfish break the straitjacket?my hero academia 10 cosas que no tienen sentido sobre la liga de villanos 6

The Moonfish is absolutely insane and talks to himself constantly, muttering about what he has to do to defeat his enemies and eat their meat. He is obsessed with eating fresh meat and cannot control himself around living people and severed limbs.

Moonfish’s interesting Quirk is that it can turn its teeth into sharp, deadly blades, but it hasn’t yet used its teeth to open its straitjacket. Maybe he’s gone so crazy that he doesn’t even realize that every part of his body, apart from his mouth, is encased in a black straitjacket.

3 Is there a limit to the number of portals Kurogiri can open?my hero academia 10 cosas que no tienen sentido sobre la liga de villanos 7

Kurogiri has a fascinating Quirk that allows her to manifest a dark mist that devours anyone who comes in contact with her and transports them to another location. But, the trick to his Quirk is that he has to know the exact location of the exit portal.

The best thing is that Kurogiri can create multiple exit points, but how many? If all the members of the League of Villains were in trouble and you wanted to send each of them to a different place, could you do it?

2 Is Tomura Shigaraki Immune To His Own Powers?my hero academia 10 cosas que no tienen sentido sobre la liga de villanos 8

Tomura Shigaraki has a cool Quirk, to say the least. He can dissolve anything and anyone he touches in under a minute and it seems like nothing can resist his Quirk, but he figured it out the hard way. He was unaware of his power when living with his family and, in a tragic turn of events, he destroyed his home, his family members and his cute dog.

If nothing can resist Tomura’s Quirk, what if he accidentally touches a part of his own body? If your nose itches and scratches it, your nose could dissolve and that would be unfortunate.

1 Why does Stain’s paralyzing quirk only last 8 minutes?my hero academia 10 cosas que no tienen sentido sobre la liga de villanos 9

Stain’s speed allows him to catch anyone at the right time, meaning that when heroes engage him in combat, running away is impossible. In addition to speed and his amazing Quirk, Stain possesses immense stamina and enhanced strength that make it easy for him to capture his enemies in the blink of an eye.

Once Stain catches his opponents and tastes their blood, he uses his Quirk to paralyze them. However, there is a mystery as to why his Paralyzing Quirk cannot last longer than eight minutes, and is there a way to extend this duration?