My Hero Academia: 10 times Todoroki was an idiot

My Hero Academia is filled with an incredible number of fan favorite characters. If a character is not engaging as soon as he is introduced, chances are he is so well written and comprehensive that he ends up having at least a small group of followers when his on-screen moments come to an end. Although many of the students who attend UA are incredibly likable in their own way, one of the most beloved by far is Todoroki.

He’s able to stay calm and collected during combat, even when fighting threats like the Hero Killer, and his backstory makes it incredibly easy to want to cheer and support him. However, that cold side to his personality, combined with the fact that he didn’t have much socializing with other kids when he was younger, means that there are also times when he acts like an idiot.

10 Purposely freeze robots to fall off and arrest other students during sports festival preliminaries

In the US Sports Festival Preliminaries, the first forty-two participants to cross the finish line can participate in the festival itself. And while Todoroki is skilled enough to clinch a top-five spot with ease, he takes extra steps to ensure he’s leagues away from many of his teammates.

Not only does he manage to freeze the soles of others’ shoes so that they cannot take off in time, but he also freezes the robots in the preliminaries so that they fall and block the path of the other students. Although this shows his intelligence, it also seems like a stupid move considering that he would still rank at the top.

9 He makes no effort to get close to or visit his mother for yearsmy hero academia 10 veces que todoroki fue un idiota 1

When Shoto is still a child, his mother loses her mind after being pushed to the limit by Endeavor’s abuse and takes it out on her son. She scars her face with boiling water, and Shoto’s father has her expelled.

Todoroki is supposed to make no effort to get close to her or get in touch with her the entire time he’s there, at least not until after his fight with Midoriya at the Sports Festival. While it is true that she hurt him, even as a child, he seems to understand that it is the result of the treatment his father gave him and not an example of his true character.

8 Take Momo away without bothering to ask her if she has a plan of her ownmy hero academia 10 veces que todoroki fue un idiota 2

During the final exams, Todoroki is paired with Momo, and the two have to catch or sneak away from their teacher Aizawa. As the exam begins, Todoroki tells Momo what to do, following her plan without asking her if she has her own.

This is a fatal mistake on her part, as Momo is a brilliant strategist, and she was simply not speaking because her self-confidence is damaged during the Sports Festival. However, he later asks her what her plan is and works with her after she comes to his rescue, and as a result the two succeed.

7 Disappears on his father during training without explaining whymy hero academia 10 veces que todoroki fue un idiota 3

Endeavor is thrilled when Shoto arrives at his agency of heroes, thinking that his son has completely left the past behind and is there to follow in his father’s footsteps. This is not entirely true, as he is still not sure how he feels about his father, but he understands that he is one of the best heroes for a reason, and learning from him would be beneficial.

The two head to the city of Hosu and are there when Deku meets Iida and the Hero Killer, and Todoroki responds to his companions’ request for help. He yells at his father for backup as he rushes out, but he doesn’t explain things to him – although it makes sense, since he’s forced by time, it still seems rude.

6 He backs down in his attempt to defend his mother after a single Endeavor replicamy hero academia 10 veces que todoroki fue un idiota 4

When Endeavor realizes that the son he had before Shoto, Toya, is still training and trying to improve his Fire Quirk, he blames him and lashes out at Rei. This, understandably, infuriates Shoto, who tries to intervene, but his father tells him not to mess around.

Against his fiery and defiant nature, it only takes this one command from his father for Shoto to back down. While it is true that a younger Shoto simply doesn’t possess the physical strength to stand up to his father, it doesn’t make sense to his character that he doesn’t put in at least a little more effort to defend his mother.

5 Inasa tries to befriend him but Shoto coldly tells her to get out of his waymy hero academia 10 veces que todoroki fue un idiota 5

Inasa has loved Pro Heroes since he discovered them as a child, and is coldly rejected when trying to get an Endeavor autograph. At the UA entrance exam, he meets Shoto, and notices that the boy has the same cold eyes as his father.

He comes first, just ahead of Shoto, and then tries to befriend the boy. All Todoroki thinks is how disappointed he is with himself for not coming in first place – and showing that he can reject his father and succeed without him – and tells Inasa to get out of his way.

4 He declares that he plans to crush Deku seemingly out of nowheremy hero academia 10 veces que todoroki fue un idiota 6

While all the students are in the waiting room awaiting the start of the Sports Festival, Todoroki approaches Izuku. He tells him that although he has noticed All Might’s interest in the boy, Shoto still believes him to be stronger, and plans to smash him during the Festival to prove that he is worthy of being Hero Number One.

Not that this doesn’t make sense to his character, as all Shoto wants is solid proof that he’s strong enough to reject his father. Although winning Izuku would prove it, calling Izuku in front of everyone is an incredibly rude action.

3 He gives everything against Midoriya, but does not make the same effort against Bakugomy hero academia 10 veces que todoroki fue un idiota 7

After beating Midoriya during the Sports Festival, the last opponent Todoroki has to face is Bakugo. The two begin to fight, but Shoto refuses to use his left side, and is only encouraged to do so when Izuku encourages him.

However, when Bakugo lashes out at him, Todoroki feels insecure and his flames go out, eliminating himself after taking the full weight of Bakugo’s attack. He doesn’t do it on purpose to annoy Bakugo, but refusing to use his full strength against the other during a competition like this is not a good move.

2 Try to lash out at the Hosu City Police Chief, who punishes them for attacking the killer heromy hero academia 10 veces que todoroki fue un idiota 8

After the Hero Killer incident, the Hosu City Police Chief comes to visit the three boys as they recover. They are informed that while they did a great job, they also used their Quirks unsupervised and without permission outside of UA High, and for that, they would have to receive punishment.

This is something Todoroki strongly disagrees with, and even tries to lash out at the Chief of Police. Gran Torino urges him to listen to him, and only after hearing that they simply won’t get credit for catching the Hero Killer does Todoroki begin to calm down.

1 He does not feel sorry for those who stand in the queue of the midterm elections and blames them for not paying attentionmy hero academia 10 veces que todoroki fue un idiota 9

A week before the UA final exams start, Denki can be seen terrified that he hasn’t studied anything since the midterms. He’s not the only student who has been too busy with festivals and real-life villains to study, as Mina comments that he hasn’t studied anything either.

Characters like Momo walk up and offer to throw a gigantic study party to help everyone pass, but Todoroki takes a much cooler approach. Despite being in the top four in the class, he has nothing to offer his peers more than contempt, insisting that if they had paid attention earlier, they wouldn’t be fighting so hard now, when in reality it’s not that easy for everyone.