My Hero Academia: 10 Villains Who Could Pass The Chunin Exam

In the world of My Hero AcademiaVillains are rogues and criminals who make their own rules despite society, and they need more than just their Quirks to survive in a world dominated by Pro Heroes and the rule of law. Villains often need to be cunning and clever to avoid arrest, and some villains can even act and think like ninjas at times.

This means that some villains from My Hero Academia could have a decent chance to pass the chunin exam in the world of Naruto, a notorious test that requires teamwork, patience, courage, and information gathering skills. Various villains from MHA They could pass this exam and really shine in one or more phases of it, especially if they work as a team to cover the weaknesses of others. These villains are destined to become chunin.

10 Himiko Toga has the transformation jutsu

Himiko Toga is a metamorphic villain who can fuel her unique transformation Quirk with the blood of other people, and she even designed her combat outfit with that Quirk in mind. When Himiko ingests someone else’s blood, she can perfectly adopt their image, including their clothing.

All of this is perfect for a ninja exam, where stealth and the element of surprise are vital to success. Himiko could easily fool other genin squads in the Forest of Death or even imitate a chunin exam proctor to steal the written test answers.

9 Nine has several peculiarities worthy of being combatedmy hero academia 10 villanos que podrian aprobar el examen chunin 1

The chunin exam challenges the genin in terms of information gathering, survival in the Forest of Death, and even solo combat during a tournament in the third phase of the exam. If the villains of the MHA They form teams to pass this test, these teams will want to have heavyweights like the Nine Villains in their ranks.

Nine manages a copy of the Quirk All-in-One, which means that he can use multiple Quirks at once, including his own. With those Quirks and their remarkable durability, Nine could easily wipe out the competition during the third phase of the chunin exam.

8 Mr. Compress has a complicated “jutsu”my hero academia 10 villanos que podrian aprobar el examen chunin 2

Any genin villain team will need both heavyweights and cheaters to keep the team balanced, and this is how ninja teams work. Naruto most successful. Himiko Toga is a tricky fighter, to be sure, but she is not the only one. The villainous magician Compress can move his hands faster than the eye can see.

Mr. Compress is a showman who can use sleight of hand and misdirection to keep his enemies in suspense, and can capture people or objects with his Quirk Compress and take them out of combat. This could serve your team during the Forest of Death segment.

7 Bee Pop can ambush and surround his enemies with easemy hero academia 10 villanos que podrian aprobar el examen chunin 3

The manga of My Hero Academia Vigilantesintroduced a few more villains to the story, some of whom are on a par with the villains from the main series. One of these villains is Bee Pop, the corrupt and villainous version of the amateur pop idol / Vigilante Pop Step.

Bee Pop uses swarms of explosive bees to take down enemies, and these bees can sneak through defenses and take enemy teams by surprise in the Forest of Death. They can also help Bee Pop cheat on the written test. If Shino Aburame can do that with his beetles, Bee Pop can too.

6 Overhaul is almost invinciblemy hero academia 10 villanos que podrian aprobar el examen chunin 4

The head of the Yakuza, Overhaul, is one of the most powerful villains Izuku and Mirio have ever fought, and it was largely thanks to Eri’s Rewind ability that Izuku was able to win. Overhaul has a powerful Quirk of the same name that allows it to reshape, repair, or break matter with one touch.

All of that makes Overhaul a clear contender to pass the chunin exam, and it helps that he’s used to having a leadership role. You can order your henchmen to help you cheat on the written exam and deliver all the answers to you on your lap.

5 The stain is already like a ninjamy hero academia 10 villanos que podrian aprobar el examen chunin 5

Stain is known as the hero slayer, as he stalks and then slays heroes he deems unworthy of serving the public. Stain is already like a ninja in many ways, from his use of katanas and knives to his emphasis on stealth and speed to catching his enemies off guard.

Stain could clear the Forest of Death without a hitch and claim the scrolls of heaven and earth before anyone knows what’s going on. Then, he could face and defeat most of the other genin in subsequent battles. If you get just one blood sample, you win. Only Gaara of the Arena would be safe from his Quirk.

4 Geten has an ice “jutsu” for combatmy hero academia 10 villanos que podrian aprobar el examen chunin 6

Geten is a member of the Meta Liberation Army, and as his villain outfit suggests, he has a Quirk based on ice, which makes him somewhat similar to Shoto Todoroki, without the fire. Geten is a fearless and fearless fighter who even had the League of Villains on the ropes at one point.

Geten is not much of a spy, so he will need his teammates to help him cheat on the chunin exam written test. Then he can truly shine in the Forest of Death and in tournament sequences by trapping his enemies in the ice. If they escape using the substitution jutsu, Geten can re-freeze them and steal their scrolls.

3 Shadow Clones that are made twicemy hero academia 10 villanos que podrian aprobar el examen chunin 7

The villain known as Twice can make duplicates of a person, either himself or other people, and that makes his Quirk similar to Naruto’s own shadow clone jutsu. The story of Naruto has already made it clear how effective shadow clones can be, with or without a Rasengan joining them.

Twice can make a copy of a chunin exam proctor and have that clone broadcast the exam answers, giving Twice a huge advantage. Twice can then use a platoon of clones to fight his way through the Forest of Death and the tournament that follows.

2 The whole for the whole has already wonmy hero academia 10 villanos que podrian aprobar el examen chunin 8

Villains like Himiko or Twice will have to use all their cunning to pass the written exam and survive in the Forest of Death, but their boss, the dreaded All For One, won’t sweat a bit. He prefers to send his henchmen to pass this exam, but if he participated in person, he would pass it without a hitch.

All For One is smart enough to pass the written exam on his own, and his vast collection of Quirks would make him downright invincible during the battles in the Forest of Death and the following tournament. Even Gaara and Sasuke would fight him.

1 Mustard can take down entire teams on his ownmy hero academia 10 villanos que podrian aprobar el examen chunin 9

Mustard is a support fighter who could do a lot of damage in the Forest of Death, though he will need the help of his villainous allies to pass the written test first. Once Mustard sets foot in the woods, he’ll enjoy a huge advantage over other genin teams with his Gas Quirk.

Mustard can knock out dozens of enemies with that sleep inducing gas, and even the best ninja can only hold their breath for so long. It also helps that Mustard’s gases can obscure enemies’ vision, making it harder for them to attack Mustard and his allies.