My Hero Academia: 10 Ways Ochaco Ruined His Likeability

Ochaco Uraraka is one of the most beloved characters in My Hero Academia and a close friend of Deku’s. She is shown to be a strong aspiring hero who trains to protect the lives of the citizens of Japan. However, Uraraka is flawed like anyone else and occasionally makes selfish decisions. Her motives for becoming a Pro Hero go beyond saving other people.

Uraraka’s emotional struggles give her motivation, but inhibit her in ways that negatively affect her character. He still has room to grow within the series as a student at UA High School. His connection to Deku doesn’t always leave a positive impact either.

10 Uraraka easily becomes jealous

Uraraka falls in love with Deku throughout the series and quickly becomes jealous when Deku hangs out with other girls. Although Uraraka does not intend to hurt anyone, she tends to draw frustrating conclusions when there is no romance. He resents when Deku praises Mei Hatsume’s gadgets during the Calvary Battle of the United States Sports Festival, even though his intention was a simple comment.

Uraraka acts on her emotions, but refuses to acknowledge them, which only increases her difficulties. His tendency to avoid any questions in this regard often confuses his colleagues, which does not contribute to solving anything.

9 Uraraka tells Deku he wants to become a hero for the salarymy hero academia 10 maneras en que ochaco arruino su simpatia 1

Uraraka reveals to Deku that her motive for becoming a Pro Hero is to earn money. Although Uraraka hopes to support her parents financially, her motive initially seems like the kind of selfishness that vigilantes like Stain despise. However, his complex motivations do not mean that he works less to save other people or his friends.

Uraraka’s motivations move away from the idea of ​​a selfless hero who only works for the good of others. It shows that heroes don’t always have the perfect motivations that citizens expect of them. Uraraka understands that the hero’s work benefits both herself and others.

8 He doesn’t always defend Deku from Bakugomy hero academia 10 maneras en que ochaco arruino su simpatia 2

Uraraka is one of Deku’s best friends, supporting him even when his life is in danger. However, he sometimes fails to defend him from Bakugo’s constant insults despite having the opportunity. She doesn’t say anything when Bakugo calls Deku a “charmless little guy” during Quirk’s evaluation test, despite Deku saving her during the UA exam.

Uraraka votes for Deku as class president, but decides to keep his support a secret when Bakugo demands to know who voted for him. His indecision doesn’t always do Deku a favor when he would appreciate it.

7 He trusts Deku’s judgment more than his ownmy hero academia 10 maneras en que ochaco arruino su simpatia 3

Uraraka admires Deku for his talent for coming up with creative solutions to win. However, he often wonders how Deku would handle a certain situation rather than relying on his own judgment. Although having a role model can be a good thing, Uraraka needs to believe in her personal abilities to progress as a hero.

His goal of thinking like Deku makes him hesitate, as seen when he loses concentration in his battle with Aoyama against Thirteen. Uraraka needs to work on her confidence to support her allies in the best possible way.

6 Uraraka rushes into thingsmy hero academia 10 maneras en que ochaco arruino su simpatia 4

Uraraka is a highly talented aspiring hero, but she tends to rush into situations before thoroughly thinking of a plan. His impatience sometimes causes injuries that an alternative strategy could have avoided. When Deku loses control of his Black Whip Quirk, Uraraka suffers multiple injuries when he tries to restrain him.

When Uraraka confronts Bakugo at the United States Sports Festival, he charges Bakugo head-on and makes himself vulnerable to explosions from Bakugo. Although he shows remarkable bravery, this causes him more harm than good in various situations. Uraraka’s desire to prove her worth makes her more reckless than usual.

5 Uraraka cares too much about Dekumy hero academia 10 maneras en que ochaco arruino su simpatia 5

Uraraka shares a great friendship with Deku and gives him a hand when he needs it. Although he cares for him, he cares for Deku even when he shows that he is capable of handling situations alone. Uraraka tries to convince Deku to relax when she catches him taking notes during the UA Sports Festival, even though he uses that method to learn.

Uraraka’s concerns center more on her own progress than Deku’s performance in an inevitably competitive environment. Let her focus on Deku overshadow her personal goal of becoming a Pro Hero herself.

4 Let the successes of your colleagues affect your motivationmy hero academia 10 maneras en que ochaco arruino su simpatia 6

Uraraka is committed to his goal of becoming a professional hero and supporting his parents. However, he becomes discouraged when compared to his peers and doubts his ability to compete with them. When he loses to Bakugo at the United States Sports Festival, he is considered a failure to his parents. Uraraka struggles to allow herself to make mistakes and lets her frustration put her off.

Uraraka displays an eagerness to succeed that is similar to Deku’s rush to master the One for All. She blames herself when situations don’t go as planned.

3 Discuss the financial status of your colleaguesmy hero academia 10 maneras en que ochaco arruino su simpatia 7

Uraraka has a complicated relationship with money and tries to be optimistic about her family’s difficulties. Use your childhood experience as motivation to train harder and give your best effort. However, he does not hesitate to question his classmates from Pro Hero families about their wealth. Although Uraraka is simply curious, she asks personal questions that put people in trouble.

When Uraraka asks Iida if he comes from a wealthy family, Iida admits the fact, but not without being ashamed of the title. Sometimes Uraraka asks questions without considering the consequences.

2 Uraraka is not the best in direct combatmy hero academia 10 maneras en que ochaco arruino su simpatia 8

Uraraka understands her Quirk’s capabilities and uses the battlefield to her advantage, though she still has a hard time facing her opponents head-on. Before learning Gunhead’s martial arts, he relies on his teammates to strike first, such as when he uses Deku All For One’s strike to elude Iida during Basic Hero Training.

After Uraraka gains close combat skills, she remains at a disadvantage against agile opponents, as seen when Toga effortlessly escapes from Uraraka after attacking Tsuyu. He has yet to improve his fighting skills outside of his Quirk to better compete against the Quirks of his companions.

1 Uraraka acts carelessly when embarrassedmy hero academia 10 maneras en que ochaco arruino su simpatia 9

Uraraka tends to act careless around her friends when she’s feeling embarrassed. When Uraraka visits the mall with her companions to prepare for training camp, she runs away from Deku without warning, thinking that she is left alone with him. Although he has no intention of offending anyone, his unexpected actions are sometimes falsely taken as insults.

Uraraka repeatedly freaks out when her classmates tease her about Deku, putting her friends in danger at times. Unknowingly, she floats Mina in the air after she taunts her during their joint class training, which could have ended badly. Uraraka loses concentration when her emotions come into play.