My Hero Academia 337 stills add to the drama between Aoyama and UA students – Senpai

A new week of tension and drama continues within the sleeve of My Hero Academia well the first chapter images 337 (soon to be published) They take a look at what happened after discovering the identity of the traitor of the Academy of Heroes…. Yuga “glitter” Aoyama.

During their unexpected encounter in the woods, Aoyama can’t contain the remorse she feels for Deku and his friends at the UA, and through tears reveals that all this time he was leaking information for All For One. Now that Deku knows the whole truth, he only has one option before Aoyama and his family decide to run away from school.

The brief confrontation between Isuku and Aoyama brought an unexpected revelation for Toru Hagakure, as that invisible girl whom they cursed and condemned so much in the previous chapter of My Hero Academia manga He has finally revealed his face with the help of Aoyama’s “Navel laser”. The refraction of light by deflecting the Gift of Aoyama caused Toru’s face was revealed … And she’s a waifu with only half a face uncovered!

Unfortunately the first look at the face of this invisible girl had to be between tears and anguish, while Toru asks Aoyama what she thought while sleeping in the same place as her friends and colleagues from the UA

What will happen to the fate of Aoyama and her family now that her “alliance” with All For One has been discovered? Will his friends at the UA forgive him? Remember that currently You can read My Hero Academia through various official platforms to read manga. According to Manga Plus, chapter 337 will be published on December 12 at 10:00 a.m. in your application.

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