My Hero Academia 350: Dabi and Todoroki’s past is finally revealed


It’s hard to blame him for what he did

My Hero Academia 350 finally showed one of the most anticipated confrontations of the entire work: The fight between Dabi (Toya Todoroki) and Shoto Todoroki, his brother. East combat not only revealed the past of the villain after the park incidentbut also showed some of the plans that All For One is preparing. Meanwhile, both brothers fight to stay alive.

It should be noted that this article will contain spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 350.if you prefer to read it on your own, remember that you can do it through MangaPlus by Shueisha page. Now yes, returning to the story, we see that Dabi wanted to finally resolve his conflict with his father, however he met his brother, who questioned him about his past.

The first revelation that My Hero Academia chapter 350 makes us began with Dr. Kyodai Garaki muttering in his cell that they had painstakingly gathered spare parts in case Shigaraki failed, and Dabi was one of them. However, he was immersed in darkness, so obsessed with his hatred for his father that even All For One couldn’t make any use of it..

At his time, when Toya was about to pass out from the flames, he saw a figure that resembled All For One. He then woke up in an unfamiliar room where a group of children informed him that he had been asleep for three years. Toya discovered that both his body and his voice had changed from the injuries. However, his first thought was not revenge, but regret.

Contrary to what we have been told prior to My Hero Academia chapter 350, he wanted to return home and apologize to his parents and siblings, but a person, whose head resembled a sunflower, informed him that it was no longer possible. A voice through a loudspeaker also alerted him that his internal organs were severely damaged.

my hero academia 350 dabi todoroki shoto

His pain receptors had been destroyed to the point where he could no longer feel pain. They used skin grafts to heal him, but he could never use his flames to his full potential. Now the image is clear. This is not a story about how AFO is the mastermind behind Dabi. AFO is the mastermind who was NOT able to pull Dabi like anyone else because he was hopeful that in time, they could bring him back to his former potential. Toya angrily replied that he had no intention of learning from anyone other than his father and gobbled up with the repudiation, we see how he burned down the facility and ran away in My Hero Academia 350.

My Hero Academia 350: Dabi wanted to return to the Todoroki family

In the present, Dabi told Shoto that he did, in fact, go home after escaping from the facility. Although she could no longer use her quirk to the best of her ability, she wanted to see the change in her family. However, he found his own sanctuary in his room upon returning home, and later watched Endeavor train a young Shoto the same way he used to train Toya..

Believing that he had been supplanted by his brother, Toya began to feel hatred and resentment towards his family, especially his father. Although his body should not have survived more than a month, he persevered through sheer force of will. He learned from watching Endeavor on screen to hate him and let that hate shape him, to the point where his body became numb to the burns caused by his own flames..

my hero academia 350 dabi shoto todoroki

Chapter 350 of My Hero Academia shows us the consequence of this hatred, for example when Dabi raised the flames to a great temperature to the point that Onima warned Shoto about it, who replied that he knew his brother came prepared to die. Dabi melted All Might’s statue down, claiming it would destroy everything Endeavor held dear. Shoto replied that he wouldn’t let his brother do something like that. The two Todorokis then prepared to use their own flames on each other.

Dabi melting All Might’s statue is significant because both he and Shoto were created to outdo the hero in My Hero Academia 350. It speaks volumes about Toya’s psyche, as well as the damage done to his perception, when he thought of being replaced when he saw his little brother being tortured on the edge in the name of training.

Dabi’s body is falling apart, and the heat from his flames hints that neither he nor Shoto will make it out of this alive. The way Horikoshi has drawn Dabi in the last pages of My Hero Academia Chapter 350 does not indicate that he plans for him to survive this war.. However, readers can only wait for the next chapter for clarification. According to MANGA Plus, the series will take a break next week.

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