My Hero Academia 359 shows one of the worst injuries for Bakugo Katsuki

the sleeve of My Hero Academia is in one of the final battles between the heroes and the villains, however, he is entering a new phase with a focus on Shigaraki, but it seems that one of the young students has been seriously injured during the battle.

We warn you that this note will contain spoilers of the new chapter of the manga of My Hero Academiaso we suggest you continue reading at your own risk.

Without a doubt within the history of Kohei Horikoshi, things have heated up quite a bit and the recent chapter 359 of My Hero Academia lets see the great battle between bakugo, who was charging directly with all his might against Shigaraki. But she has dealt him a more brutal blow.

Source: Shueisha

In this new episode, the young heroes will have a hard time dealing a solid blow against Shigaraki’s new body, but getting close to him won’t be a good idea either, so much so that Bakugo decided to take a risk and has received a bloody blow that left him terribly injured than on other occasions within the sleeve.

Chapter 359 of My Hero Academia It begins right after the explosive Bakugo launches his final move against the villain and collides with him in the air, but the young hero took a lot of decay damage from making direct contact with Shigaraki.

bakugo he is found bleeding from his right side, while some of his equipment was destroyedMeanwhile, his face also seems injured and part of his mask is gone, but he does not seem to give up.

This has been the most important move for this character so far, as he realizes that his particular move isn’t even close to the level of pro heroes, but it has given a huge boost to his confidence to keep fighting the pros. villains.

the chapter of My Hero Academia You can already read it on the official Shueisha site, Manga Plusin which you can find in the Spanish language.


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