My Hero Academia 360: Mirio Togata reaches a new level when facing Shigaraki

The engines are heating up for the final battle between heroes and villains within the manga of My Hero Academia and the most recent chapter began a fight that many followers of Kohei Horikoshi’s work were waiting for, like the confrontation between Mirio Togata and Tomura Shigaraki.

In chapter 360 of the manga just came out, the fight between these two characters has reached a new level, and Lemillion is once again the center of the heroes’ attention, in the midst of a battle to stop the evil plans of the League of VillainsHowever, professionals and students seem to be running out of options to buy more time.

Mirio vs. Shigaraki

During previous episodes of My Hero Academia it became clear that both Mirio and his teammates, who call themselves the Big Three of the AU, would be in battle as a real first team in the series.

Source: Shueisha/ TOHO Animation

As we know, chapter 360 starts with the fatal blow he received bakugo due to Shigaraki’s decomposition powers, so the Big Three come to save him, but their work ends up making the student escape from the villain’s hands and Mirio is the one who decides to fight with all his might, thanks to his quirk of phase.

All the heroes are trying to buy time for Deku to get to the field where the battle takes place.. But it is clear that Mirio reveals the role that he has in this war and that is to serve as a message and bodyguard, so he now finds himself fighting against the greatest villain so far.

The battle between the two continues My Hero Academia and Mirio manages to dodge all of Shigaraki’s physical attacks, however, it will be in the next chapter that we will know if he will play an important role in bringing down the villains, while we continue to wait for the arrival of a Deku Smash.


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