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Chapter 362 of the manga My Hero Academia It has a release planned for next August 8. However, the spoilers of this new publication are already circulating on social networks. These seem to show that bakugo will have an unfavorable outcome on your pages.

particularly in Twitter is where more spoilers are being shared from My Hero Academia. It was precisely here that we found an image that does not show bakugo. What is striking is that the hero looks quite beaten and ready to say goodbye.

We can’t know exactly what it says as the bullet text is missing. However, it is quite noticeable that it is a somewhat somber moment. It should be noted that there is also some information floating around in the form of a description of what we will see.

It seems that Bakugo will say goodbye to My Hero Academia
Source: Twitter – Goatpepito

The previous chapter of My Hero Academia showed us how bakugo he was about to receive another quirk. The new one seems to fulfill this promise, since the hero obtains an ability that allows him to generate explosions throughout his body. This gives you an advantage over Shigaraki.

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Unfortunately, according to this description, the new power of bakugo it will be a lot for him. Supposedly, the hero’s heart will not be able to take so much and he will end up succumbing, which will cause a great impact on his companions.. We will have to wait until August 8 to find out if these spoilers are true.

What has happened so far in My Hero Academia?

My Hero Academia He is currently in what will be his last arc. With an all-out war between the sides of heroes and villains. In its most recent chapters we saw an epic battle unfold between Shigaraki and Bakugo. Where the villain seems to have the upper hand.

Bakugo will awaken a new power in My Hero Academia
Source: Shueisha

In chapter 361, one of the arms of bakugo was broken by Shigaraki and the hero seemed very badly wounded. However, his gaze changed and the beads of sweat on his body began to explode on their own, which hinted that he would have a new quirk. If the leaks are true, it looks like we’ll see him unleash all his explosive rage in the next chapter. Although the cost will be very high.

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